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Basset Hound Calendars

If you're a dog lover.....it's about time you added some
Real Spice to your life! Just check out these Totally Cool
and Simply Adorable Basset Hound Calendars.

Delightfully Colorful and Exceptionally Amusing
and Entertaining Basset Hound Calendars
will be certain to put a huge smile on your face
every day of the coming year.

These Charming Basset Hound Calendars
make Great Gifts for any person who
needs a little cheering up in their life.

If these Basset Hound Calendars don't brighten up
your day then nothing will!

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Is the Basset Hound the Breed for You?

These devoted, gentle, naturally well-behaved, peaceful,
sweet dogs are known as Basset Hounds. A Basset Hound will
make an excellent addition to most families. These dogs are
very even-tempered and friendly; they should never snap or
be vicious.

This dog is not timid; rather it is mild and placid. They
are very affectionate and friendly with children and their
owners, but with meek owners they can be stubborn and hard
to control. Like other dogs, your Basset Hound will need
consistent, confident, firm leadership and authority. This
dog needs to know the rules and have every human in the
family reinforce them.

The Basset Hound will do tricks for food, and they are
excellent beggars, but you should never feed them table
scraps. Housebreaking this dog may be difficult, but with
positive reinforcement and training this can be overcome.

When the Basset Hound is properly trained it is obedient,
but be careful to never let your Basset run loose off the
leash. As hounds, they have a tendency to pick up smells and
are off after them with little consideration of the
consequences. Often they will not even heed an owner's call
when on the scent trail of an animal; it is an over-
heightened instinct that was bred into them.

There are several health points that you will have to be
aware of if you intend to become the owner of a Basset
Hound. One, do not overfeed this dog. They are "chowhounds"
and have a tendency to become overweight, and this can put
too much of a load on their joints, spine and legs.

Obesity in a Basset Hound can lead to lameness and
eventually paralysis when the weight is too great for its
legs to carry. Bassets are also prone to bloating and gas so
it is important that you space out their meals. Instead of
one big bowl of food rather feed it three spaced out small
meals a day. If it does have a large meal, you should
observe it for several hours after eating to be sure that no
health issues occur.

This breed will yowl a lot and has a marked and very
distinct bark. The "Baroooo" of their howl on the hunt is
famous. They have been featured in many books and movies as
a consequence of their humor-inspiring appearance and voice.

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