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Nutritional Needs

and Dog Food

for Basset Hounds

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The Humorous and Fun Filled Basset Hound
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Basset Hound is a fairly small scent hound that was bred
to trail small game. They are low to the ground so that they
can follow a scent better and go after small animals into
their holes, and to make them run slowly enough that the
hunters can follow. They have very long ears that stir up
scent from the ground and funnel it to their noses, and a
wrinkled face and dangling skin folds below their chins that
help trap and hold the scent. Their heavy bones and large
feet make them sturdy and steady.

Male Basset Hounds should measure between twelve and fifteen
inches (thirty and one half to thirty-eight centimeters)
tall and weigh between fifty and seventy-five pounds
(twenty-two to thirty-four kilograms). The female of the
breed should be between eleven and fourteen inches tall
(twenty-eight to thirty-five and one half centimeters) and
weigh between forty-five to sixty pounds (twenty to twenty-
seven kilograms).

The Basset Hound breed has a large rounded skull. The skin on a
Basset Hound is loose and falls in folds on the head. The
long velvety ears fall from the top of its head. When the
ears are pulled forward they should be able to meet together
beyond the dog's nose. The ears should fold but not appear

The teeth should come together in a scissors bite or a level
bite. A dewlap hangs from the lower jaw. The lips should
hang down and have loose flews. Because of the lips, these
dogs have been known to drool and to snore.

They should have lovely sad-like chocolate brown eyes that
show a prominent haw. The expression of a Basset Hound
should be kind without any harshness about it.

The chest extends in front of the forelegs and is very deep.
When moving the dog should not be clumsy but instead
deliberate. This dog has short ponderous legs and will need
to have its diet strictly controlled to prevent it from
becoming overweight and putting too much strain on its

The coat is hard, shiny and short and there are no rules
that determine the color of this breed's coat. Usually the
coloring is white with sand-colored or chestnut markings.
The breeding line will usually determine the color of the

Basset Hounds live between ten to twelve years on average.
They have an average litter size of around eight puppies
although litters of fifteen or more pups are not unheard of.

Picture of Basset Hound

Dr. Jane Bicks talks about:
Taking Good Care of your Basset Hound


These gentle, fearless dogs make wonderful guardians,
but need some special care. The Basset Hound's skin 
can become a battleground for all types of skin

A high quality professional diet is essential.

A daily supplement of bee pollen or spirulina will
provide some of the immune-boosting nutrients they
require. Bloat prevention in Basset Hounds is a 
must because of their deep chests.

They are prone to arthritis, so antioxidants after
2 years of age are a necessary preventive.

Carrots and celery are excellent treats that will
add fiber but not calories. It's difficult enough
to get a Basset Hound to do what you want it to do
without it's being fat.

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