Bearded Collie Dog Calendars
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How to Care for Your Bearded Collie

There are some general health problems that affect the
Bearded Collie breed. It is important to buy your Beardie
from a reputable breeder that has a good lineage with no
instances of hip dysplasia. They also may have problems with
their coats as the dog can easily become host to parasites
if the thick coat is not properly cared for.

This dog breed is very active and will need lots of
exercise. This will include a long daily walk. They also
really enjoy time off the leash to run around and play in a
safe area. Allowing them to run around in your fenced
backyard with toys is a good idea, but beware that they do
not become overheated in hotter climates.

The Bearded Collie has a dense, long, shaggy coat that will
need to be brushed out daily. It is very important that this
is done, otherwise it can lead to several painful hair and
skin conditions that are easily avoided.

Mist the coat using water before you begin to brush it out.
When mats occur spend time teasing them out and pay special
attention to grooming when the dog is shedding. You can use
a comb but only sparingly. If you want you can take this dog
to a groomer to have it professionally clipped every couple
of months.

You need to check the ears, eyes and paws of this dog breed
daily. If you live in an area with ticks it will also need
to be checked for ticks regularly as they are hard to locate
in this breed's dense fur. When needed you can give this dog
a bath or use dry shampoo. This dog breed sheds averagely.

This dog will need to have their eyes wiped because of the
eyes tearing up a lot from the hair in their eyes. Take a
damp wash cloth and gently wipe the eyes. Some owners tie up
the dog's hair away out of their eyes to prevent the dog
from having eye problems from constant irritation from the

This breed is prone to a sensitive digestion and allergies
to certain foods. It is important that you feed this dog the
right type of food otherwise it can lead to very poor health
and sickness. The wrong diet also leads to skin problems and
with this dog breed's dense long fur this can be very
irritating and painful.

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