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What you can do to

prevent Hip Dysplasia

in Dogs

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My Dog Suffers from Hip Dysplasia....what can I Do?
With Dr. Jane Bicks


Our dog suffers from hip dysplasia. We heard you formulated a special product for hip dysplasia and arthritis, can you tell me more about it?


Years ago, while creating an audio cassette presentation called "How to care for your guide dog," I learned about one of the greatest concerns facing guide dogs users....hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Many of these wonderful dogs had difficulty getting up and down stairs, walking and standing upon command despite treatment with steroids and pain killers.

Unfortunately, many dogs had to be retired resulting in the heart breaking separation between companions and guide dogs often the best friends in the world.

This was the initial motivation for formulating and developing the Agility formula for all dogs and cats years ago.

Agility has been available to dog and cat owners for many years now and there are numerous testimonials about the effectiveness of this product. Agility gives owners the hope of healthy bones and joints for our best friends, so that they may enjoy life ti it's fullest.

The Agility Formula + moderate exercise + a sensible diet + regular vet check-ups = healthy joints and bones!

Agility is for dogs and cats with mobility loss, stiffness or joint pain. Or those with senior dogs or cats or large breed or long backed dogs of any age. Agility is a safe and effective alternative.

In addition to the glucosamine, sea mussels, special herbs and fish oils, I have now added MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane). MSM is a naturally occurring nutritional sulfur which is a key component in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and surrounding tissue. It is the subject of many recent medical studies concerning bone and joint health.

"I am writing you about our dog Holly. She has had problems with her legs for several years. Even surgery on her knees did nothing to help her. At one point we were considering having her put to sleep because the vet said her arthritis would only get worse."

"Then a friend of mine told me about the Agility formula and we tried it. It was almost Unbelievable how much better Holly got around. She could not only walk, but run and play like she hadn't done in years. I'm convinced the Agility formula is the key to her feeling better. We're so grateful for your product."

KS, Goshen, Ohio

Tippy Says:

"Hey fellow dogs and cats, just wanted you all to know that I too had suffered from arthritic type problems. About 75% of the time after I would get up, I would hold my back leg up in the air.....I was soooo stiff!"

"Then Dave started feeding me my Life's Abundance food and my Agility supplement. WOW! What a difference that made. I get up a whole lot quicker now, have loads more energy, and.....I haven't held my back leg up in the air one time since then!!!!"

"For all my buddies out there with these types of problems, I sure would like for you guys to try the Agility out. You can read all about the Agility and try a bottle by surfing to:"

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