Award Winning Pictures of
Belgian Malinois Dogs on these Calendars

You will be totally amazed at how bright and colorful
these pictures of the delightful Belgian Malinois dog breed
really are on these Belgian Malinois Calendars.

These Colorful Belgian Malinois Calendars
will be excellent for that person who is a fan of
the Belgian Malinois breed of dog, a special treat for you.

So get something new and different instead of the same old,
same old gift and give your friend or spouse the gift
that keeps on giving 365 days a year.

Give a Belgian Malinois Calendar and see how pleased
the recipient will really be.

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Is the Belgian Malinois the Correct Breed for Your pet?

The Belgian Malinois is used as a herding dog, more
typically for sheep, in Belgium. Consequently they are
independent, obedient and smart. They are very protective
and territorial and make excellent watchdogs. They do need
to be socialized well in order to discourage them from
becoming sensitive or shy.

This dog breed needs a firm, patient and serious master that
is consistent but not harsh. If the owner becomes too
overbearing this breed may become uncooperative or shy. This
dog needs an owner who sets down clear rules and follows
them all the time. Those people who display natural
authority and confidence would do well with a Belgian Malinois.

Malinois have strong protective instincts so they need to be
socialized and trained early so as to prevent several bad
habits from forming. Breeders of the Belgian Malinois should
start socializing their puppies from birth. These dogs
normally do excellently in obedience trials and in working

The current main occupation of most Belgian Malinois is that
of being a guard dog or police dog. They also make great
pets when matched up with the right owners. This dog is a
companion dog and does best when it is with its owner at all
times. They need guidance and leadership and must be a part
of the pack to do well.

Your Belgian Malinois will need time, attention,
companionship and training. Like all working breeds they do
not do well at all locked up in a kennel or a pen in the
backyard. They must have exercise both physical and mental
to be happy and healthy. The size of the living space isn't
very important with this breed so long as they are with
their owner. They can adapt to all range of climates but
prefers colder climates.

The breed has been described as alert, loyal and watchful.
They are good with children if they have been socialized
with them from an early age.

When introducing this dog to non canine pets one should be
cautious. They tend to be dominant to other dogs and need an
owner that can keep them in line and make sure that
dominance games are discouraged.

Instinctively this dog displays herding behaviors and has
been known to chase, circle and nip at people's heels if not
well-trained. This behavior will have to be discouraged when
concerning people. If you are a meek or inexperienced owner
this is not the dog for you.

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