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Guidance on

Belgian Malinois

Nutrition Needs

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A Feast Fit for Kings for the Belgian Malinois
Presented by: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Belgian Malinois is a strong muscled dog with
a short coat.

It needs a high quality alternative food. If
feeding a supermarket food, expect problems, but
also a vegetable enzyme is needed.

Click on the link below to see what I heartedly
suggest for Treats and Food for your Belgian Malinois Dog.

Deliscious and Healthy Food and Treats for Belgian Malinois Dogs

Exercise is vital for his mind and body.

Picture of Belgian Malinois

The Information you might not know about Belgian Malinois
By: Tippy & Alfred's Pet Care

The Belgian Malinois is a heavy, muscular, solidly built dog
with a good carriage. Square is commonly the word used to
describe the shape of the Belgian Malinois dog breed. The
standard Belgian Malinois is as tall as it is long and that
is why it is referred to this way. They are also very agile
and elegant breed.

The dog has a level top line with a slight slope at the
withers. The chest is deep and reaches to the elbow, other
than that it is average. They are a very muscular breed and
this especially shows in the hindquarters, which are well
proportioned and muscled. The front legs are parallel to
each other and very straight. The feet are round "cat-feet".
They have a long tail with a slight curve that reaches to at
least the hock.

The short coat comes in colors like black, fawn, mahogany
and red. They usually have tips, mask and ears that are a
different color from the coat. The most common coloring is
fawn with black ear tips and mask. A little white is allowed
on the feet and chest.

This dog has thicker hair around the neck forming a collar
and a thick undercoat. The coat is weatherproof and they
should only be bathed when necessary. This dog breed does
shed heavily twice a year, so brushing them with a firm
bristle brush regularly will be needed to cut down on loose
hair flying about the house.

A Belgian Malinois should have an alert, questioning
expression. They have dark, small almond-shaped eyes and
alert ears that should be equilaterally triangular in shape.
They also should be in proportion with the dog's head.

The muzzle should taper but shouldn't be extremely pointy.
The lips should be tight and the nose should be black. The
teeth should come together in a level bite or scissors bite.

To meet the show standard the dewclaws should be removed
from the back legs but the front dewclaws are optional and
left up to the owner as to whether they are removed or not.

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