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With the Bouvier Des Flandres it is important that you are
the pack leader. The dog should be aware at all times that
you are the boss. The reason is that these dogs are
independent and intelligent and the breed has a tendency to
become overprotective and dominant if not trained

Bouviers should preferable be socialized from a very early
age in order to prevent shyness, reservation with strangers
and suspiciousness. Protective instincts towards their
owners will be present and will not have to be taught.
Protection can't be trained out of this dog breed either.

If you want a guard dog or watch dog this dog makes a
wonderful choice. They are brave and will rise to the
occasion to protect their loved ones. The Bouvier Des
Flanders is excellent with children and makes a wonderful
family dog. They are a dog that is adaptable and the Bouvier
will calmly and quietly go about its business.

One of the hallmarks of the breed is that they are very
loyal. In order for this dog to be comfortable around other
pets it must be made clear to the dog that the other pets
are pack members rather than threats and that the dog is to
get along with them.

Of course, they do better with dogs, cats and other animals
if they are raised from puppy hood around them. Your behavior
toward the dog will cue it on how it is to act around other

These dogs are usually highly dominant and it will take
consistency and clear rules in order to get this dog to
follow you. They can become dog-aggressive if allowed to be
that way. This dog breed is slow to mature in both body and
mind. It doesn't reach maturity until two or three years of

The male dog can reach twenty-three inches to twenty-eight
inches (fifty-eight to seventy-one centimeters) in height
and can weigh from seventy-five to ninety pounds (thirty-
four to forty-one kilograms). The female dog can stand
between twenty-two to twenty-seven inches (fifty-six to
sixty-nine centimeters ) and weigh between sixty and eighty
pounds (twenty-seven to thirty-six kilograms). These
measurements are based on healthy averages for this breed.

The Bouvier usually lives between ten and twelve years and
has an average litter size of eight puppies. There can be
anywhere between five to ten puppies in a litter.

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