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The Nutrition the

Bouvier des Flandres

Breed of Dog Needs


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Bouvier des Flandres - Nourishment for this Big Dog
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

Talk about a big breed full of love, kisses and hair,
and you've described the Bouvier des Flandres.
All that muscle and hair require a high quality
protein and fat food with the addition of
vegetable enzymes.

I recommend this Food Feast for your Bouvier des Flandres

Here's the menu and some after dinner treats
for the Bouvier des Flandres Here

Take care to prevent bloat.

How to Prevent Bloat

Supplement with alfalfa to prevent bone disease.

Brewer's yeast and garlic are helpful for 
summer time flea, skin and coat problems.

Picture of Bouvier des Flandres

How to Care for a Bouvier Des Flandres Dog

The Bouvier Des Flandres is a dog accustomed to harsh
conditions and weather. They are very hardy and rarely ill.
These dogs are herding dogs and often take injury when
working because of being kicked or stomped on by cattle, so
they were bred to "take a licking and keep on ticking". Dogs
of this breed also have been extensively used in war, police
and service dog work.

Because of their high pain threshold they often won't tell
you when they are hurt or can't tell you where they are
hurt. Therefore they are not the favorite breed of the
veterinarian as they are hard to treat. The veterinarian
can't tell what is hurt just by manipulating body parts and
legs as works with most dogs.

Some Bouviers do have problems with cataracts, eye problems
and hip dysplasia. Since the Bouvier has such a very high
pain threshold it is necessary to check your dog over
regularly to make sure they don't have an injury or aren't

The Bouvier des Flandres is okay living in an apartment if
given enough daily exercise. They are a breed that isn't
very active indoors and does best if they have a big yard to
roam and play in. This breed has an average demand for
exercise and will need to have a long walk every day. They
are active and energetic outdoors and will happily jog with
you or even run alongside your bike.

However, while the Bouvier is growing exercise should be
regulated as the new bone and muscle can't take too much
strain. They need the extra energy left from not exercising
too much to put into growing.

Do not allow this dog to walk ahead of you on your outings.
Instinct tells dogs that the pack leader goes first and this
dog has a problem with dominance already. You need to make
this dog heel to your side or walk behind you if necessary.
You don't want the dog to get the idea that it is the pack

This dog has a shaggy coat that needs a lot of grooming. The
coat should be brushed regularly and be bathed or dry
shampoo only when necessary. The Bouvier should be
professionally trimmed three times a year. Between trims it
will be necessary to remove excess hair from the inside of
the ears and between the pads of the feet with blunt nose

The hair on the feet can grow very long and this can be a
problem with matting and pulling while the dog is walking
around. It is necessary to trim the hair so that the paw has
a nice rounded look to it. The Bouvier that is well groomed
doesn't shed very much at all. Some Bouvier owners have
remarked that allergy sufferers don't have much problem
being around this breed.

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