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Calico Cats are Colorfully Cute
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

The calico cat is a tri-colored cat, usually with patches of
red/orange, and/or black and white stripes of varying size
all over its body. The stripes may be found in different
sets like blue/gray, cream/white. There are calico cats like
tortoiseshells that do not have any white spotting, but most
calicos have some white spotting on their fur.

The CFA or Cat Fanciers Association has listed sixteen
different varieties of calico cats and their varying colors.
The calico cat coloring has been demonstrated in several
breeds including the Persian calico, Maine Coon calico,
Scottish Fold calico and some different short hair and long
hair breeds with calico coloring.

The majority of calico cats tend to be female, although
there are some male calicos mixed in so automatically
assuming a calico is female is wrong. The calico coloring is
determined by genetics and just about any breed can come up
with a cat with calico coloring.

Calico male cats tend to be sterile because of the genetic
conditions that go along with the calico coloring. The
calico coloring in cat breeds needs to have two x
chromosomes so a male calico is a rarity. It has been found
by veterinarians that one in three thousand calicos will be male.

The calico cat can never be a breed in and of itself because
the male cats with this coloring are invariable sterile. But
every breed of cat has the chance of birthing calicos
because of genetic variances.

The variances in the color of the calico cat make it highly
sought after because of the distinctive stripes and patterns
of the fur. Most calico cats have a lively personality and
are affectionate. They make great pets. They do tend to be
"quirky," but because of the cat's loving nature these
quirks can be overlooked.

In order for a cat to be a calico cat it must meet specific
criteria: The cat needs to have stripes and patches of three
different distinctive colors. In order to register your cat
as a calico within a specific breed these criteria must be met.

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