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Expert Cat Health Care,

Cat Behavior, Cat Litter,  and Cat Fun

Looking for the Right answers to Cat Health problems,
Cat Behavior problems, Cat Care, or simply some
Really Fun Stuff about Cats?

Your questions will be answered here.

Alfred, Miss Patches Marie Kitty and Pretty Baby Kitty along with
the other felines here at Pet Care Tips, present to you this section
of their web site where you and your kitty will find out
just about anything you ever needed to know about cat
health, cat care, cat behavior, cat litter, cat training,
cat supplies, cat communication and a whole lot more about
your furry feline friend we bet you never knew.

If you are ever in any doubt about your cat's
health or illness, take your cat to your vet!

Enjoy your visit here with us. All of the cat health care
information found on this site is Free for your use.

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How to Take Care of your Cat
All about Declawing Cats
All about Cat Heat Cycles & Pregnancy
Animal Abuse
Animal Cruelty - What and Why it is

Can I Get any Diseases from my Kitty?
False Pregnancy in Female Cats
Feline Vaccinations...What's the Story?

Help Prevent People from Mistreating Cats
How to Get Rid of Cat Earmites
How to Give Kitty a Bath
How to Give Medications to Kitty
How to Groom a Cat
How to Keep Kitty Off the Counters!

Should my Cat Take Vitamins?
Taking Care of the Pregnant Cat
Traveling with Kitty
Try a Free Sample of our Premium Cat Food
Vaccination Schedule for Cats & Kittens

Weight Problems in Pets
What Plants are Poisonous to Kitty?
What to do about Hairballs
What Does Every Kitty Love to Have? TREATS!
Why do Cats need Taurine?
WhyLife's Abundance Cat Food is Better for my Cat

Cat Breeds

Our information about Breeds has moved, select the
link below to see info about each breed:
Library of all Cat Breeds

Those Darn Cats!

Feline Humor, Jokes, & Comics
Cat Jokes and Humor
Cat Phrases, Words, "Cat" in other Languages
Cat Quotes...Quotes by Famous People about Cats

How to act when Kitty presents you with a Mouse!
How to tell if you have been Reincarnated as a Cat!
Nursery Rhymes about Cats

Your Host: Alfred

Interesting Feline Scratchings
A History of the Domesticated Cat
Can owning a Cat Help Prevent Asthma in Children?
Cat Coat Color Possibilities and Common Markings
Cat Family Characteristics
Cat Trivia
Do Black Cats really cause Bad Luck?
Does your Cat Qualify to be on TV?

Everything you always wanted to know about Catnip
Interesting Cat Facts & information about Cats
Myths and Superstitions about Black Cats
The Cat that wants to meet Morris
The Evolution of the Cat Part 1
The Evolution of the Cat Part 2
The Evolution of the Cat Part 3

Famous Cats

Cats that have appeared in Movies
Cats that have appeared on Television & TV Commercials
CATS: the Broadway Musical
Cats that Famous People have Owned

Index of all Famous Cats
Famous Cats .....Page One
Famous Cats .....Page Two
Famous Cats .....Page Three
Famous Cats ......Page Four
Famous Cats ......Page Five

Famous Lions
The Cheshire Cat
The Lions from the Lion King

Cat Behavior, Communication & Training

All about Feline Spraying Problems
All about Feline Scratching Behavior
All about Feral Cats
All about the Sounds a Cat Makes
Cat Training 101

Helping Dogs & Cats Get Along Kitty Scratches the Furniture
My Cat's Caterwauling is Driving me Crazy!
My Kitty Eats House Plants?
My Kitty Plays too Rough
Stress Marking in Cats

The Cat's Meow - why they Meow
The 12 Tails Signals a Cat Makes
Tips on how to Introduce Dogs and Cats to each Other
Tips on Introducing a New Cat to the Household
Understanding Feline Behavior
Understanding Feline Communications

What Does it mean when my Cat Purrs?
What makes a Cat - Behavior Explained
Why is my Kitty Scared?
Why is my Kitty Scared? - Part 2

Miss Patches Marie

The Litter Box
Automatic Cleaning Litter Boxes
Attractive Alternatives for a Litter Box
How to Clean a Litter Box
How to Litter Box Train your Cat
Litter Box Basics 101
Training your Kitten to use the Litter Box
Why Won't my Kitty use the Litter Box Part 1?
Why Won't my Kitty use the Cat Litter Box?

All about Litter
Arts and Crafts with Cat Litter
Cat Litter Technology - what's new and up and coming!
Cat Litter Types and General Use
Cheaper Alternatives to Name-Brand Litter
Clay Cat Litter & the Dangers it Poses to your Cat's Health
Clay Cat Litter and what you should know about It
Crystal and Sand Litter
Dangers to the Environment from Litter

Finding the Proper Litter for your Feline Friend
Get Rid of Garden Pests with Litter
How to Stop your Dog from Eating Litter
Natural, Biodegradable Litter
Pregnancy, Babies, Cats and Litter
Safe Cat Litter for Kittens
Suggestions that may Help your Litter Work Better

The Finicky Cat and it's Litter
The Scoop on Clay Clumping Litter
Your Cat's Litter Box can be Dangerous - Part 1 - Toxoplasmosis
Your Cat's Litter Box can be Dangerous - Part 2 - E. coli
Your Cat's Litter Box can be Dangerous - Part 3 - Injuries

Cat Health Care

All about a Cat's Eyes....Why do they Glow in the Dark
Asthma in Cats
Bladder Stones in Dogs & Cats
Cat Dandruff & Safe Cat Shampoos
Cat Scratch Disease
Chronic Nasal Discharge in Cats
Chronic Renal Failure in Cats
Constipation in Cats
Causes of Constipation in Cats

Diabetes in Felines - Part 1
Diabetes in Felines - Part 2
Does my Kitty have Anorexia?
Ear Mites
Eye Problems in Cats

Feline Dental Care
Feline Elimination Problems
Feline Heartworm Disease
Feline Immune Deficiency Viruses
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Feline Leukemia
Feline Lower Uroligic Syndrome (FLUTD)
Feline Panleukopenia (Distemper)
Feline Respiratory Problems
Feline Tooth & Gum Conditions
Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS)

Heart Disease in Cats
Heartworm Disease in Cats
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Kidney Disease in Cats
My Cat Eliminates in all the Wrong Places
My Cat has Diabetes...what can I Do?

Parasites in Cats 
Skin & Coat Problems & Allergies
Skin & Coat Problems...what's Normal?
Skin Problems in Cats

What Causes Respiratory Problems?
Why Does my Cat Itch & Scratch all the Time?
Why Does my Kitty "Upchuck"....Vomiting Problems
Wool Sucking ....Why Cats Suck on Strange Things

All of the below articles on feline vaccinations are NEW additions
Benefits and Risks of Vaccinating your Cat - Part 1
Can Vaccinating my Cat Cause Cancer?
Checklist to Keep your Cat as Safe as Possible when Vaccinated
Disorders that are Related to Feline Vaccinations
Feline Vaccination Myths and Truths - Part 1 (Side Effects)
Feline Vaccination Myths and Truths - Part 2
Possible Reactions to Watch for after your Cat is Vaccinated
What Vaccinations are available for my Cat?
Why Adult Cats and Kittens need Vaccinations

Diseases you or a member of your family can catch from your kitty:
This is a New section with more articles soon to come!

Cat Scratch Fever
Diseases you can Catch from your Cat - Parasitic Infections
Diseases you Can Catch from your Cat - Salmonellosis
Prevention of Cat Scratch Disease
Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease

All about Kittens

See our entire section on taking care of kittens
All Information about Kitten Care Here


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