Soft & Warm Cat Beds that are Splendid to curl up & nap in.

Every cat needs a cat bed to lounge in after some exhausting playtime.
Here you'll find the perfect cat bed for both playtime and naptime.

These cozy wholesale Cat Beds will help keep
your precious kitty warm, purring and contented. 


Your kitty will be so grateful for one of these
Cat Beds, their very own place to get away from
the world and ponder the thoughts that cats can only ponder.
Excellent for giving gifts to other cat lovers.

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Some helpful hints on selecting the right Cat Bed.

If you are a cat owner then you are familiar with most
cats' routine of eating, sleeping, playing, sleeping,
eating, sleeping, and etcetera. Cats can spend roughly
fifteen hours a day sleeping. That is twice as much as
an average adult human sleeps in a twenty-four hour

If your cat sheds a lot this can mean cat hair will be
everywhere that your cat decides to take a nap. This
can result in cat hair on your clothes, bed, couch,
chairs and even your linens in the linen closet if you
aren't careful. One way to curb this tendency for kitty
to make a bed wherever it wants is to get your cat its
own cat bed.

In some cases investing in several cat beds may be the
ticket so that there is one in whatever room your cat
decides to lie down. And if you have multiple cats,
several cat beds are necessary because inevitably there
will be a cat sleeping all of the time in your house.
Having extra beds available cuts down on the cat spats
that can occur over a single bed.

There are a lot of different cat beds available, you
can find one that fits your style and taste and is
comfortable for your cat. Of course, if you have a
finicky cat you may have more trouble finding a cat bed
to suit your cat's taste than in suiting your own.

One of the major things that your cat looks for in a
sleeping place is security and warmth. One of the most
basic ways that cats associate security is through the
height of the sleeping spot. Height equates a secure
environment to cats. That is why you may find your cat
on the top shelf of your closet or on top of your
bookcase wound around your breakables.

If your cat bed is positioned somewhere high this makes
it more attractive to the cat. There is a type of cat
bed called a cat perch that is made to be attached to a
draft free windowsill. If your cat likes to look out
windows this is ideal.

Also, you want to put your cat bed some place where
there isn't a lot of foot traffic or heavy noise to
discourage it from using that spot. There are also
heated cat beds that are particularly attractive to
cats with short hair or those cats that are getting up
in years. But any cat bed you choose should have high
sides or even be enclosed to help increase the feeling
of security.

You most likely will have to experiment with where you
put the cat's bed. In short, you want to choose a place
that is free of things that could get broken, and is
out of the way where there isn't a lot of noise or
comings and goings.

A cat that initially sneers at a cat bed may well warm
to it in a couple of days once it is a familiar object.
You can also put some catnip on the cat bed to
encourage your kitty to visit the cat bed and use it
often. You might also add a familiar pillow or blanket
to the cat's bed so that the cat can mold the space to
its liking.

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