Give your kitty the gift of a jazzy Cat Bowl!

These wholesale and made to last Cat Bowls will help ensure
your precious kitty has a delightful dining experience
every time they head for the dinner bowl.

Stainless steel and ceramic cat Bowls, plus
cat placemats and cat dry mats to keep bowls from sliding,
at wholesale prices that won't wear a hole in your wallet.

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More about what Cat Bowls are and why you should
choose a good quality one.

The cat bowl is an essential tool to feed and water
your cat. This keeps the feeding area clean and the
food and water uncontaminated. Food and water bowls for
your cat should be cleaned at least daily because
otherwise germs, mildews, viruses and bacteria can get
into or onto the bowls and infect the cats and cause

It is recommended that you keep more than one set of
cat bowls on hand so that while you are cleaning and
sanitizing one set you have another to keep your cat
watered and fed.

There are many different types of bowls that you can
choose from to feed or water your cat including:

- No-tip Stainless steel
- Two-piece Dishes
- Ceramic Dishes
- Plastic

The lowest priced alternative is the plastic bowls.
These are specially made so that they have a lip that
comes down on the outside to prevent tipping. They are
relatively cheap and you can definitely pick up more
than one set. Some have two bowls combined so that one
side is the food side and the other is the water side.
This type isn't recommended if you have more than one
cat, though, since some cats don't like to share their food.

Ceramic dishes often have attractive glazes and they
are heavy so they don't tip. Some have fanciful designs
and come in any number of styles that can fit your
cat's needs and your fancy.

Two-piece dishes often are made so that when you put
them together they make a character or some symbol.
This is another fanciful way to feed and water your cat
and really is a matter of your taste rather than
anything to do with the cat. This type easily separates
so you can fill one while leaving the other and they
are good for a multiple cat household.

No-tip Stainless steel bowls are popular because they
are attractive and clean looking and they stay clean
looking with little care. They don't tip easily, as the
name suggests, and if you have a lot of stainless steel
in your kitchen then these bowls will fit in

The important thing to remember no matter what type of
bowl you choose is to choose one that is sturdy,
doesn't tip and is easily cleaned. You want to make
sure to clean these bowls often with an antibacterial
soap or some other form of sanitizer. Some bacteria and
viruses can live on a surface for a long time under the
right conditions so keep your pet and yourself healthy
and clean those bowls regularly.

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