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Safe & Secure Cat Cage

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Tips on purchasing your first Cat Cage

There are many reasons why owning a cat cage is a good
idea. If you have a rambunctious cat you don't
necessarily want to leave it alone to roam the house
while you are gone. Doing so can result in your
precious keepsakes on high shelves toppled broken to
the floor, drapes shredded, houseplants eaten beyond
recovery and the dirt flung around the room, and
tissues chewed and torn up all over the carpet.

Although these antics seem cute to some people they can
get annoying when you are constantly cleaning up after
your cat. One solution is to have a cat cage where you
can keep your cat while you are away from home.

Cages are also very helpful and even necessary safety
items if you travel by car with your cat. A cage is
required in the waiting rooms of many veterinarians and
on public transportation or airplanes, and both your
cat and your hosts will feel more secure if your cat is
caged in a strange home.

Now, when you think of a cage you don't have to think
of just a small carrier. There are cages and kennels
that provide ample room for your cat to play. There are
water and food bowls that are designed to fasten to the
side of a cat cage so spillage is less likely. You can
even put the cat's bed inside so it can be cozy while
it rests.

It isn't cruelty to cage a cat while you are gone. In
fact you are protecting both it and your possessions.
Your cat could get into something or break something
and be endangered, (Our cats managed to knock over a
standing lamp and break both a mercury-containing
florescent bulb and a large picture glass.), or ingest
a toxic house plant or a stray piece of trash and die.

If it is possible and safe at your home, you could also
get a cage and put it in the backyard and make a mini
play area for your cat. Cats like to be outside and
keeping a play cage in the backyard gives your cat a
safe place to be where it can't run out into the street
or harm anyone or anything or be harmed by anyone or

When buying a cat cage, be sure to pay attention to the
size, quality and openings of the cage. Some cages are
really built for dogs and the openings or holes in the
cage would allow a cat to get through or at least get
stuck. Look at the security of the cage and the latches
on the cage to be sure that they are of good quality
and secure.

There are modular cages that allow for panels to be
added or subtracted to them so that you can make the
cage larger or smaller as you need. That way you can
move the cage indoors or out or wherever you please.
They even have cages that are completely collapsible so
you can take them wherever you roam.

If you decide to purchase an outdoor cat cage, remember
that the outdoor cage isn't just protecting your cat
from itself; you want a cat cage that is sturdy enough
that if a stray dog or child were to somehow get into
your backyard that it would not be able to get through
to your cat.

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