Carry Kitty in Style with our Attractive Cat Carriers

These wholesale Cat Carriers will help keep
your precious kitty Safe and Secure on trips
or just need a place to keep Miss Kitty caged for awhile.

Very secure cat carriers for all cats, ideal for those
trips to the veterinarians or groomers.

These Cat Carriers make a Purr Fect gift item for
any cat or kitten lover. Or do as many of our customers,
purchase one and then lend it out to friends and neighbors.

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Getting your Cat Carrier Online

Most cats do not enjoy being carried in a cat carrier,
especially since it means confinement and often
something distasteful on the other end of the trip like
a veterinarian visit. You want to find a cat carrier
that is acceptable to your cat and you. This isn't as
easy as it sounds.

For small trips to and from the veterinarian and if
money is an issue there are low cost cat carriers that
are really just a sturdy cardboard box with holes cut
in it and a carry handle that folds up on the top. This
carrier is covered with wax so that if the cat has an
accident in the box it will not seep through the
cardboard. Most rescue people use these boxes when
dealing with stray cats as they can be given straight
to the facility you take them to and you don't have to
worry about clean up or the carrier.

But for the more permanent solution for you and your
pet cat or cats there are Designer Cat Carriers, Travel
Cat Carriers and Airline Regulation for Travel Cat
Carriers. You want to think about for exactly what
tasks you need the cat carrier and this will determine
what type of cat carrier you should buy.

If you travel a lot with your cat then buying a travel
carrier would be best. If you are doing cat shows with
your precious puss then a designer cat carrier may fit
the bill for you. If you travel by air a lot then
getting an airline rated travel cat carrier is
necessary. Or, if you do several or all of the above
with your cat, you may want to get more than one type
of carrier.

The travel cat carrier is by far the more economical of
the choices laid before you for a permanent cat
carrier. Some travel cat carriers are also airline
rated so you kill two birds with one stone.

The designer cat carriers are really a matter of your
preference. Some have pretty cool features for your
cat and you will want to compare and contrast the
different styles that are available. Designer cat
carriers are made from fabric, leather, plastic, and
more, many with decorative artwork or designed to match
your luggage. Some designer cat carriers are approved
for in-cabin airline use.

The airline cat carriers are specifically made to
conform to airline travel standards when it comes to
packages or onboard case sizes. Whether your cat will
travel in the baggage area or under your airline seat
will determine which airline approved cat carrier you
should purchase.

In order to make your cat more comfortable in a cat
carrier you can use an old towel that you don't mind
getting soiled and put some of your cat's favorite toys
in there with it. Some cat carriers have food and water
dispensers within the cat carrier so your cat can eat
and drink while in the carrier. Try to make the
experience as comfortable as possible for your cat.

Allow your cat to explore the cat carrier for a few
days before you fasten it inside for a short trip. If
your cat is unfamiliar with riding in a cat carrier you
might try taking it for short trips around the block or
to the store so the cat can learn that carrier travel
does end, and doesn't always end badly. A product
called "Feliway" can also be sprayed inside the carrier
30 minutes before use, to calm your cat. Feliway gives
off a chemical that smells similar to the pheromones a
cat gives off when it rubs its face against surfaces in
your house.

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