Entertaining and Loads of Fun - Cat Condos

These warm and cozy wholesale Cat Condos will help keep
your precious kitty happy, purring and contented
for hours on end.

The big wide world of Cat Condos

The cat condo is a multi-level play place and rest area
for your cat. Often cat condos are up on a tree
platform that rises off the floor and some can stretch
up to six feet in height. Cat condos are furnished with
one to several cat rooms and sometimes one to multiple

Cat condos can be made from wood, wood covered in
carpet, wood covered in sisal, or cardboard covered
with carpet or sisal. The more expensive the cat condo,
usually the more intricate and the better the materials
used in building it.

The most expensive cat condos often have multiple
platforms, rooms, ramps, toys and are made from the
best materials. The least expensive feature one room
and maybe a platform made from cheap materials. If you
have multiple cats you should buy the better quality
cat condo for them to play on.

Cats can and will tear up a cat condo fairly quickly
when it is made from substandard materials. You will
have to replace it on average every year. This adds up
fairly quickly and getting a better quality cat condo
may last longer and be cheaper in the long run.

Cat condos range in price from one hundred dollars to
over three hundred dollars depending on the materials
used and the intricacy of the cat condo you choose to
buy. It is important to assess the needs of your cat
and your needs as well. Cat condos come in a variety of
styles and shapes and getting one that fits your style
and your cat's needs is rather easy to accomplish.

Ask yourself:

Does your cat like to climb?
Does your cat like to jump?
Does your cat scratch a lot?
Does your cat like to lounge and sleep a lot?
Does your cat have high energy and like to play all day?

These are all important questions that will help you
pick the right cat condo for your cat. Once you find
that out you can then find one that will match your
decor and fit within your price range.

Every cat wants a cat condo to lounge or play on.

Here you'll find the perfect cat condo for both playtime and naptime.

You may purchase or read more about cat condos
by going to this link:  Cat Condos online

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