Cat Doors you can Depend on and can Afford!

Cat Doors offer Miss Kitty freedom to come & go
as she pleases, plus saves the pet owner time.

Independence is a characteristic that is often
attributed to cats. Cats enjoy their freedom and the
ability to do as they please and when they please. One
way to accommodate this independence for your cat is to
install a cat door so that your cat can go or come when
it pleases.

If you live in a place that is safe enough to allow
your cat the run of the outdoors you can mount the cat
door in your back door or other outside door. If your
cat is a house cat, you might give it free access to
the sunroom, garage, or other part of the house that is
keep shut off most of the time. That way your cat's
needs to wander are met without your having to get up
and down to open and shut the door.

The more sophisticated cat doors have special collar tag
recognitions so that your cat and only your cat can
come in the door, which is helpful for an outside door
if you have feral cats, skunks, raccoons or stray dogs
in your neighborhood.

For a very simple cat door you can purchase a simple
door flap that that can be attached to your door over a
cat-sized hole. But this type will not work on a hollow
core door, if you have an outside door that is solid
wood this will work. You can, however, find special cat
doors that are designed to be installed in hollow core

If you don't have a door that lends itself to having a
hole cut through it you might consider installing a cat
door that goes straight through one of the walls in
your house. Be sure to check that there is no wiring
running through that particular wall and be sure to cut
between the studs. If you are unsure about these things
then you may want to hire a contractor to install the
cat door for you.

Understand that any opening to the outside has the
potential to let in drafts and cold air if not properly
sealed and trimmed. It also has the potential to let in
pests that you may not want in your home. Research cat
doors and be sure to check into the secure cat doors
that use a recognition tag (on the cat's collar) for
your cat to enter and exit. Many experts recommend

Most people put cat doors on their back doors, but
there are some that are attractive enough for your
front door. Many attractive and sophisticated types of
cat doors are available, chose the one that is best for
your needs.

These quality cat doors will save you lots of time
by allowing your kitty to come and go as he or she pleases
and save you a lot of time in the process.

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