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Why you might need a Cat Gate

For those people who have cats that are literally
getting into everything, a cat gate may be the best
option. A cat gate goes in the doorway of the room in
which the cat is not allowed. If you have a cat that
can really jump, then any kind of gate may not work for
you. But for many cats this is a really good alternative.

The cat gate is designed to pull across a doorway and
block that specific room. Most such gates allow you and
the cat to look over or even through the gate and see
what is happening on the other side without allowing
the cat to get into trouble in the banned area.

Cat gates are usually made to be retractable (although
some swing open and closed) and are made from a heavy
duty material that a cat can't scratch or bite to get
through. Most are made from some kind of durable
fabric. Usually they have no stiff upper top lip that
your cat can possible jump up onto and use to climb
over the gate.

(If you do have a cat gate remember to keep any
furniture or objects that your cat can use to jump over
the gate away from the gate.)

If you have an incontinent kitty this is a great way to
restrain it to a particular room making clean up easier
and keeping it near the cat litter box when you are
sleeping. Many elderly cats have this problem and they
are less likely to clear three feet and so be able to
jump a normal cat gate.

This is also a good way to sequester a sick cat away
from your other pets or children. Most cats that are
ill do not want to be bothered by other pets or
children while they are recovering. Keeping a cat gate
in a specific room doorway can allow your cat to get
some much needed recovery time and space.

If you have a naughty kitty that likes to get onto your
kitchen counters or tables at night and knock things
over or make a general mess, then putting a kitty gate
in the kitchen doorway is a good way to prevent them
from going in the room at night and wreaking havoc.
Cats are a lot less likely to jump over an obstacle at
night when their eyesight is hindered and there is not
a solid platform to jump from.

The cat gate is a wonderful option if you need to keep
your cat in or out of a specific room. This gives you
options that you didn't have before and you can still
keep an eye on your cat and not have to lock it behind
a door.

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