Your Cat will Love these Beautiful Cat Houses

Every cat wants a cat house to lounge in after some
exhausting playtime. Here you'll find the perfect cat house
for both kitty playtime and naptime.

These cozy wholesale Cat Houses will help keep
your precious kitty warm and contented

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About Cat Houses

Every cat should have a place to be without being in
your way or in the way of some other member of your
household. If there are children or other pets in the
household this is even more important. A cat house
gives your cat privacy and its own space to which it
can retreat and rest. Cats in general don't like being
pestered when they are sleeping, and sleep is a cat's
primary daily activity. So getting a cat house is a
good solution for your feline.

Cat houses are usually made from some kind of wood
covered in plush fabric such as is used on human
furniture. Some are covered in low pile carpet. A cat
house is usually designed in a box or cylindrical shape
with four sides and a roof. It may have multiple levels
so you can house more than one cat if needed. And
inside each cube or cylinder is a plush pad for the cat
to take its ease on.

Cat houses can also come with a wealth of different
accessories. They can have ramps, platforms and limbs
for toys to dangle from. Some cat houses are covered in
carpet so it they make an ideal scratching post as
well. Some of them come with stairs or ramps for your
older kitty that isn't moving around too well.

There are many different sizes and types of cat houses
on the market. You can save yourself some gasoline by
cruising the Internet to look at all the different
options available to you and your cat in cat housing.

Some cat houses are made specifically to house your cat
outside so that your cat can lounge outside on the deck
with you safely and with no chance of getting out or
away from you.

When buying a cat house, you will want to first assess
exactly what your cat needs. Does your cat need a place
to rest that is away from everyone else in the
household? Does your cat need a play room? Does your
cat need a perch so it can rest and be able to see what
is going on around it? Does the cat house need to match
your decorating style or colors?

The idea behind a cat house is specifically to give
your cat some space in your home that is exclusively
the cat's. This is an especially good idea if you have
trouble with the cat's thinking your bed belongs to it.
Giving it a place to rest and making its house fun and
comfortable for it is a good method of keeping your
space your own as well.

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