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These nifty Cat Litter Boxes will help keep
your Cats happy and contented. You will help prevent many
of the Feline Elimination problems with these Cat Litter Boxes.


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When you decide to add a cat to your family, the task
of choosing the right litter box and litter is one of
the most important ones. The primary cause of cats
being given up to animal shelters is said to be
"inappropriate elimination," but often the real cause
of the problem is the human who did not know how to
provide a clean and well-designed litter box and the
right litter for the cat.

The first consideration in choosing the right litter
box is size. You should always use the largest litter
box possible so that the cat can move around
comfortably inside. If your cat is a particularly large
breed, consider using a large plastic storage container
with a door cut into it rather than a commercial box,
because if a cat is too crowded it may not want to use
the box. (Some cats don't want to share a litter box
with another cat either.)

Some commercial litter boxes have covers. This has the
advantage of giving shy cats more privacy, hiding the
feces, and may be absolutely necessary if young
children or dogs have access to the litter box area.
But covered boxes also have the disadvantage that they
trap odors inside and the cat may be repelled. They
also cause your cat to breathe more dust from the
litter as it scratches in the box. And, you will not be
reminded to clean the box as often, since out of sight
may mean out of mind.

If you really like the idea of a covered litter box,
consider getting one of the boxes with an automated
cleaner. These litter boxes cost more and most must be
located near an electrical outlet, and they also
require a special type of clumping litter. But
automated litter boxes conveniently sift the litter and
move the waste into a special bin on an automated
schedule, and you may decide that they are well worth
the extra cost.

If the automated litter box is too costly, you may want
to compromise with a "sifter lifter" litter box. These
are regular litter boxes that have the addition of a
sifting insert that fits down into the box and hold
clumping cat litter. When it is time to clean the box
you can lift the sifter and the clumps of urine-soaked
litter and feces are trapped in the sifter while the
litter stays in the pan. Dump the clumps from the
sifter and put it back into the pan and you are done.

On the opposite extreme, there is a product that is
basically a toilet for cats. It is called the
"CatGenie" and looks similar to a human toilet. You
plug it in, run its hose to a cold water outlet and its
drain to a house drain and it, manually or on a timer,
sifts, flushes, sanitizes and washes the washable
plastic litter and bowl without your ever having to do
anything in maintenance beyond adding a solution every
month or so and new pellets whenever needed.

Your cat, your situation and your personal choices will
determine which type of litter box will work best for
your household, but no matter your choice, the key to
successfully living with a cat and avoiding
"inappropriate elimination" is to make sure that the
cat has a roomy and easily accessible litter box, a
good quality litter that helps to keep the box usable,
and a regular human litter box maintenance person.

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