Keep your Cat's nails trimmed with our Cat Nail Trimmers

Our Cat Nail Trimmers will help you keep your kitty's
nails at the right length and will help you do an
easier job of trimming her nails.

How to Choose and Use a Nail Trimmer for your Cat

As anyone who has lived with a cat knows, their claws
are sharp and grow quickly. Your cat and the other
members of your household, not to mention your
household furnishings, will do much better if you learn
how to trim your cat's claws and keep them dulled but

Ideally a cat learns to patiently accept trimming of
its claws from early kittenhood, but with the right
tools and some wisdom on your part, most adult cats can
learn to tolerate a trimming every so often.

The cat nail trimmers that you choose are of the utmost
importance in the plan. They should be designed for use
on cat claws so that they provide precise cutting and
won't crush or tear the claw. They should also be easy
to clean and durable.

For your own comfort and safety buy clippers that have
a comfortable size and handles for your hands, are easy
to use and that you can control so that nothing is cut
except what you are trying to cut even if the cat
squirms at the wrong minute. Stainless steel blades are
recommended, since stainless steel is sturdy and easy
to keep clean.

Probably the most popular style of cat nail trimmers is
the guillotine style. To use guillotine cutters you put
the claw through a loop at the end of the clipper,
position the cutting blade at the right spot, and
squeeze the handles together, and the blade cuts the
claw quickly.

Another type of trimmer works just like scissors, but
they are designed with indentations on the two blades
into which the claw is positioned and held so that you
can squeeze the blades together and cut the claw.

Whichever type of cat nail trimmer you choose, be
careful to not cut off much of the claw at once.
Guessing where the nail quick stops can be hard,
especially if your cat has dark colored nails. It is a
better idea, especially if the process is new to you
and your cat, to trim off just a bit and simply trim
the claws again soon. A cat's claws have a nerve and
blood vessels that run down a certain distance into the
claw and if you cut the nail too short you will hurt
the cat and the claw will bleed. Understandably, the
cat won't be impressed, and it may scratch you trying
to get away and refuse to have its claws trimmed again.

Cat Nail Trimmer
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