Cats Simply Love these Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

These Cat Self Cleaning Litter Boxes
will make your job of cleaning the litter box a whole lot Easier
and your cats will Appreciate having a clean box all the time.

These Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes make
Great gifts for cat and kitten lovers or.....
as a special treat for you and your kitty.

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
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The self-cleaning litter box is a relatively new
invention that makes life a little easier for the cat
owner. There are many different types of self cleaning
cat litter boxes so you will need to do your research
before you buy one.

There are some self-cleaning litter boxes that gently
sift the litter when your cat leaves the litter box,
removing waste into a container in the back of the
machine. You need to be diligent in removing a full
container; otherwise it can get messy very quickly.

The purpose behind self-cleaning litter boxes is for
the cat owner's convenience and to make the litter box
more sanitary and attractive of use by the cat. There
are many benefits to a self-cleaning litter box,
including cutting down on odor, bacteria and labor.

Anyone that has had a cat understands that it takes a
lot of time and effort to properly clean a litter box.
And it is important to properly clean the litter box or
bacteria can grow and cause illness in the cat and your

There is another form of self-cleaning litter box that
hooks in directly with the sewer line in your house. It
works by gently sifting the litter and using water to
clean the litter and flush the waste down the sewer.

Self-cleaning litter boxes do cut down on the amount of
time you must spend cleaning your cat's litter box but
there are some drawbacks as well. Ordinarily if you use
a self-cleaning litter box there are special litter,
boxes and filters that you must use. This can get
pricey over time.

What type of litter box you need is really a matter of
preference. If your cat is attached to a particular cat
litter and won't use anything else then switching to a
self cleaning litter box can mean more trouble than the
possible convenience. So it is really a matter of what
your cat will accept and what you prefer.

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