Natural Herbal Blend Cat Shampoo

This Natural, Herbal Cat Shampoo will help keep
your kitty looking and feeling great,
and it won't be harmful to your cat's skin.

Skin & coat problems are one of the most frequent reasons
cats see a veterinarian ... that's why it's so important to shampoo
your cat regularly. This cat shampoo is for both therapeutic
& normal use, cleaning and conditioning your cat
and promoting a healthier looking skin & coat.

Benefits of Herbal Blend Shampoo For Cats
Removes dirt, which can be an irritant.

Helps remove ecto parasites (mites, fleas, ticks, fungus and bacteria).

Removes dead skin and hair.

Regular bathing reduces potential allergens like dander & dead hair.

Recommended for excessive scratching and biting.

Nourishes flaky skin. Drys oily, odorous skin. Conditions dry skin.

Calms irritated skin. Leaves a fresh, shiny and full coat.

Safe for use with topical flea & tick treatments.

Features of Natural Herbal Blend Cat Shampoo

Contains natural, wholesome ingredients including oatmeal,
aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender and marigold.

Safe and gentle enough for cats of all ages.

Easy to rinse.
Tested for bacteria and fungus before bottled.

Non-toxic and no animal testing.

Herbal Blend Cat Shampoo
Natural Wholesome Ingredients

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This Cat Shampoo makes a Great gift for
cat and kitten lovers or.....
as a special treat for you and your kitty.

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