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Gorgeous Stuffed Plush Chihuahua Dogs

Famous Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua has been a very popular dog breed for many,
many years with relatively little credit given them.

Some are famous, some are infamous…

- Coco, the dog featured on the television series "Dog
Whisperer" and owned by Cesar Millan

- Coco, Donna Cabonna´s dog from the Disney Channel Original
Series "That's So Raven"

- Enrique, Hector Con Carne's pet Chihuahua from "Evil Con

- Madame Shirley the Medium is an old-fortune teller
Chihuahua featured in a TV Show Cartoon, "Courage the
Cowardly Dog"

- Mimi, Sharon Osbourne's Chihuahua

- Pepito, Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua immortalized in the
children's book "Pepito the Little Dancing Dog: The Story of
Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua"

- Ren Höek, of "Ren and Stimpy" fame

- The Spooky Chihuahua from "Invader Zim"

- The Taco Bell Chihuahua

- Tinkerbell and Bambi Hilton, Paris Hilton's Chihuahuas.
Tinkerbell is the "author" of "Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries."

- Tito from "Oliver & Company"

- Geraldo, Max Shreck's movie star Chihuahua in "Batman

- Wheely Willy, a paraplegic Chihuahua from Long Beach,
California who has become a celebrity as the subject of two
bestselling children's books

- Mammoth Mutt from the cartoon series "Krypto the Superdog"

- Samuel Witwicky's feisty and diarrhea-prone Chihuahua
named Mojo from "Transformers"

- Celine, Mr. G's pet Chihuahua from the ABC's television
series "Summer Heights High"

- Lou, a Chihuahua featured on the television show "The

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