Cheerful Chocolate Labrador Retriever Calendars

Just as the Chocolate Labrador Retriever is a big,
Friendly dog full of Love, so are these Magnificent
Chocolate Labrador Retrievers Calendars.

These Colorful Chocolate Labrador Retrievers Calendars
come with a no restrictions apply rule on the amount
of Pleasure and Fun you will derive from them.

Delightful photos of the Chocolate Lab in a multitude of
Amusing and Entertaining poses will keep that Smile on
Your Face and give you those good positive vibrations
that make You Feel Good inside.

These Chocolate Labrador Retriever calendars are Easy
to order from our online store where you can shop freely
without any pressure and navigate easily with the click
of your mouse. We have a Huge variety of Chocolate Lab
Calendars and Chocolate Lab gift ideas for you to select from.

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Caring for Your Chocolate Lab

The Chocolate Labrador is a very popular breed that is from
the show/field stock breed. It is necessary that if you are
planning to show your Chocolate Labrador that you only buy a
dog from a reputable breeder, preferably one with show

Some of this dog's talents are agility, carting, competitive
obedience, guide for the blind, hunting, narcotics
detection, police work, retrieving, search and rescue,
service dog for the disabled, sledding, tracking and

The American bred lines have a tendency to be more energetic
and hyperactive than the English lines. The American
Labrador also matures more slowly than the English.

The male Chocolate Labrador can reach twenty-two to twenty-
four inches (fifty-six to sixty-one centimeters) in height
and weigh between sixty and seventy-five pounds (twenty-
seven to nearly thirty kilograms). Some male dogs have been
known to reach one hundred pounds (forty-five kilograms) in
weight! The female can reach twenty-one to twenty-three
inches (fifty-three to fifty-nine centimeters) in height and
weighs between fifty-five and seventy pounds (twenty-five
and thirty-two kilograms). These measurements are based on
healthy averages for this breed.

The Labrador can live between ten to twelve years. The breed
is known to be vulnerable to elbow and hip dysplasia, eye
disorders and PRA. Chocolate Labradors are really big eaters
so you will have to control their food intake and be sure to
give them regular exercise or they can become overweight.
Feed several small meals per day rather than one large one
to avoid the potentially fatal bloat to which large breeds
are vulnerable.

The Chocolate Labrador is an energetic dog and loves to play
and work hard. They need to be taken on a long daily walk,
jog or run to take care of their physical and psychological
needs. They can even run alongside your bicycle if you enjoy
biking. These dogs are moderately active indoors and do best
with an average sized yard to play in. Other than that they
can live in any habitat.

The Chocolate Labrador's coat is easy to groom. Comb or
brush with a firm bristle brush and be sure to get all the
way through the coat to the skin to stimulate the skin and
get rid of loose skin, fur and debris in the undercoat,
since the coat is thick. Only bathe or dry shampoo when
needed. These dogs shed averagely.

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