Chocolate Labrador Coffee Cups that are Truly Eye Candy

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Chocolate Labrador Coffee Cups and Mugs

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Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is an affectionate, high spirited,
highly intelligent, good-natured, lively, lovable, loving,
loyal, patient, and willing dog. They love to play,
especially in the water, and love to swim. Their
temperaments are excellent, being friendly and reliable and
very good with children and other dogs. Labradors want to
please and to be part of the family. They are a breed that
is easy to train.

The Labrador was once known at the "St John's Dog," It is
among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The
Labrador was originally trained to jump overboard into icy
waters to haul fishermen's nets to shore in Newfoundland,

In the 1800's specimens of the breed were taken to England
via ships from Labrador, and in England the retrieving
instinct was honed. Because this dog breed is very
trainable, gentle and loving it is often used for drug
detection, as a service dog for the disabled and a guide dog
for the blind. They do wonderfully in field trial
competitions and obedience trials.

There are actually two types of Labrador: The American
Labrador and the English Labrador. The English Labrador
comes from breeding stock in England and tends to be
blockier and thicker. The American Labrador is from breeding
stock in the United States and is lankier and taller.

The Chocolate Labrador Retriever is a muscular, solid dog
that is slightly longer than it is tall. They have limbs
with good bone structure and webbed feet to help them swim.
Their "otter" tail is thick and strong and tapers while
being fully covered with fur.

The dog has a broad head, wide muzzle and powerful neck. The
head has a pronounced stop and a thick nose. The teeth come
together in a scissors bite. The eyes are chestnut or hazel
in color with an intelligent expression. The ears are medium
sized and pendant.

The Chocolate Labrador has an easy to care for, hard, short,
water-resistant double coat that comes in solid chocolate.
There is also a gray or silver color that is considered to
be a shade of chocolate by the AKC. However this coloring is
controversial because many believe that it is because of the
dog's having been crossed with a Weimaraner, while others
believe it to be a mutation.

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