How to Choose the Best Scratching Post for your Cat

Sometimes not just any scratching post will do for your
cat. Some cats prefer one type of scratching post while
other another. There are different various textures,
heights and styles to scratching posts. More often than
not a cat will prefer a rough texture to soft.

The most common scratching post you will find is a
vertical sisal or carpet-covered scratching post. They
come in different various shapes and some have multi-
purposes such as scratching, playing and sleeping.
Often a sisal-covered scratching post will do the
trick, but if your cat doesn't like it you can try
carpet-covered or even cedar wood.

There are several different styles of scratching posts,
including wall mount boards, kitty play areas that
incorporate a scratching post, funny or interestingly
shaped cat scratching stations, all-in-ones, poles,
kitty dens and posts. You can even use a real wooden
branch or stump with the bark on, since a tree is
almost certainly the wild cat's scratching post.

So don't think that you have to buy something that
isn't aesthetically pleasing to you. You can get
something that matches the decor of your room so that
you can keep the scratching post out in the open and it
doesn't look tacky or out of place.

A cat prefers to have its scratching post where all the
family gathers consistently. They will not use a
scratching post if it is hidden in the garage away from
everyone and everything. You can eventually move it
someplace else if you don't want it in your main room
but this has to be done gradually or kitty may decide
to use something else in the scratching post's stead.

You can also make the scratching post more attractive
and enjoyable to your cats by lacing the scratching
post with a scent like catnip. Some cats are allergic
to catnip, however, and some just don't like it. Test
it first on something to see how your cat will react.
If it gets sick then don't use it, of course.

Also, make sure that the scratching post is tall enough
to allow your cat to do a full extension on its hind
legs, and that it is secure. If a scratching post
topples even just once it is enough to make your cat
never use it again.

Do not throw out the scratching post just because it
looks totally shredded and unattractive to you. Your
cat may feel differently if you throw out her
scratching post when kitty has just gotten it broken in.

Start your cat out on a scratching post when it is
young so that it never develops the habit of clawing on
your furniture. Once a cat starts to claw your
furniture it is hard to re-train them to do
differently. So even if you kitten hasn't shown an
interest in scratching yet, don't worry it will, and
having an available scratching post might save your
furniture or wallpaper.

Take a look at our Quality Cat Scratching Posts,
they are very durable and made to last. Your cat
will have a blast with these.

Cat Scratching Post
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