Warm & Protective Dog Boots for your Dog's Feet

Dog Boots and Booties

Many pet suppliers now sell what they call Dog Boots,
Dog Shoes or Dog Booties, which are fancy coverings for
the dog's paws or feet. They may be made from a variety
of materials and most are made so as to protect your
dog's paws from damage due to:

- Hot Asphalt
- Cold Snow
- Burs and thorns
- Sensitive paws
- Wounds on the paws
- Stop dog from disturbing wounds on paws
- Dragging Paws
- Allergies
- Etcetera

Basically any danger to the paw can be helped or
avoided by putting some dog boots or booties on your
dog's paws. Most of the dog boots are made from
material that will cushion the dog's paws and prevent
further damage from occurring to the paw.

Many of the dog boots are made from waterproof material
so as to protect the foot, especially if it has wounds
that need to be kept dry. Most of the dog boots are
washable so that you can keep them clean. And they have
special cinchers that go around the top part of the leg
so they will stay on. The cinching may be accomplished
with clips or Velcro.

Some dog booties look like socks that slide onto the
dog's foot. Others fold around the dog's paw, which may
make them easier to put on your dog. There is also a
splint for arthritic dogs available that supports the
dog's legs and ankles from impact to the joints.

If you have a dog that is sensitive and can be damaged
from the more common hot asphalt or cold snow, getting
dog boots or booties is a very good option to keep your
dog from being uncomfortable when you take it for a

Some dogs are sensitive to certain materials and it can
cause a painful and itchy allergic reaction. Dog
booties will prevent your dog from stepping on that
material that is harmful to them.

Your dog's health and comfort are important, and you
should do everything you can to protect them. They are
a part of your family and your best friends. They will
do everything they can for you and you shouldn't be
embarrassed to do the same for them.

Everything you need to keep your dog's feet dry on those
yucky days.

We carry dog boots for everyday use, as well as winter
dog boots and dog boots to keep your dog's feet dry.

We also have a nice dog raincoat to keep your dog
protected from the rain or snow.

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