Keep your dog dry and protected in wet weather
with these Dog Raincoats

Yes, Your Dog Does Need a Raincoat

A stylish dog raincoat may seem like an obvious need if your
pet is a Chinese Crested or other fairly hairless breed. Or,
even if it is a tiny toy breed like the Yorkshire Terrier or

But even a large breed dog can benefit from a raincoat or
rain suit, especially in the cold winter months, so your dog
can be as comfortable as possible on those wet, windy walks
that are so necessary every day. When a dog is wet and cold
its immune system may be stressed and it may be more
vulnerable to respiratory infections and the like.

Many dog raincoats have reflective strips and patterns so
that you and your dog are more visible to vehicles for added
safety on wet, foggy and dim days when drivers might not
notice you, an important consideration.

If you camp or travel with your dog you need a dog raincoat
even more, since you don't want to put a wet, muddy dog back
into your vehicle or your tent. We keep spare raincoats for
both our dogs and ourselves in tote bags in our car trunk in
case we are caught in a shower at the dog park or while

Another good reason for having your dog wear a raincoat is
to avoid the smell of wet dog. When a dog's coat is wet
their skin releases natural oils and most humans don't find
the odor at all attractive.

Dog raincoats come in every color and sized for every breed
of dog. You can match your dog's raincoat to your own, buy
your dog a designer coat, get a dog raincoat that is
reversible in two different colors or patterns, raincoats
with dog boots to match, even an umbrella that attaches to
the dog's collar to keep its nose dry. Get your dog a
raincoat with the logo of your favorite sports team, a rain
trench coat, or rain gear in camouflage for your hunting

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