Really Neat Dog Carriers that will keep your Dog Safe!

How to Choose and use the Best Dog Carrier
for you and your Dog

If you have a dog, you need a dog carrier. Dog carriers
not only make transporting your dog easier, they
provide protection for the dog against the rigors and
potential dangers of travel, and protection for the
vehicle and fellow passengers from the dog and any
problems it may have as a result of your travel.

If your dog is of a large breed, you should have a
suitable carrier that will protect the dog and your
vehicle when you travel with your pet. Small dogs may
be allowed to ride in a doggie car seat or kept in
their dog crate in the car, but you will need a crate at
your destination, in either event.

If you must take your large or medium-sized dog with
you by air it will have to ride in the baggage
compartment, if it is small you might be able to keep
it under your seat in the passenger compartment in its
carrier, but in either event you will need to have a
dog carrier that is approved by all the airlines you
will be using.

It has become the fashion in many countries for
toy dogs to be carried around, even while shopping,
in fancy designer dog carriers that resemble handbags,
backpacks, luggage and the like. You can match your dog
carrier to your clothing style or your own luggage. You
can buy carriers that strap onto your bicycle or
include smaller matching bags for carrying food and

You can find interesting custom decorator designed dog
carriers with screened window for the dog, "pet packs"
that look like baby carriers but are designed for dogs,
even carriers with a picture of your dog and its name
screen printed on the sides.

One carrier we saw has a roomy compartment built into a
front or back pack that you can wear or use as a pet
safety seat in your vehicle. Another design has wheels
and works as a pet stroller or jogger, a car seat, and
a pet tote.

Your number one criterion in choosing a dog carrier to
purchase, of course, is the comfort of the dog:

* Make sure that the carrier you choose is large enough
that your dog can turn around and lie down in it.

* Ensure that the dog can be secured into the carrier
and can't fall out or escape without warning.

* Check that your dog will have plenty of ventilation
when it is closed up in the carrier.

* Make sure that the materials used in the carrier are
strong and durable and that all materials are non-toxic
to dogs.

* Side pockets for identification, snacks and other
essentials are a good idea too.

Now you can Keep your dog Safe & Secure
with these strong, yet attractive Dog Carriers

for you to select from. Lots of Quality Dog Carriers
for every need

We have many, many more styles & colors of
dog and puppy carriers available see them at the link below.

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