Keep your Precious Dog Warm and Cozy
with these Lovely Dog Coats

Dog Coats

The dog coat came about from people living in cold
climates but buying dogs of breeds that need an extra
layer of warmth in the winter, especially when walking
outside. Now, some dog coats are simply a fashion
statement, but in today's world dog coats are fairly
practical, and most dogs will put up with them.
Typically smaller dogs wear them but they are made for
big dogs as well. Greyhounds, for example, often wear a
coat since they have little body fat and very short hair.

Here is a list of different types of dog coats:

- Shearling Jacket
- Corduroy Jacket
- Jean Jacket
- Navy Pea Coat
- Hooded Sweatshirt
- Fashion Coats
- Crocheted Coats and Ponchos
- Parkas
- Knitted Coats
- Duffel Coats
- Reflective Raincoat
- Fleece Shirts
- Leather Vests
- Life Vests

The point being here is that all of these different
varieties of jackets, coats and vests are made
specifically for your dog. So any fashion statement
that you want to make you can make with your dog, and
you can keep your dog warm at the same time.

Faux Shearling Jacket - This is a dog jacket designed to
keep your dog very warm in very cold winters. It
usually has a lining and trim that looks like raw wool.

Corduroy Jacket - The corduroy jacket is both
fashionable and warm. Corduroy is tough and will stand
up to abuse while keeping your dog toasty-warm. Some
corduroy jackets for dogs even come with gold buttons
and lapels for those special events.

Jean Jacket - Denim is tough and will stand up well to
your dog's scratching. Most of the jean jackets are
lined with some other type of contrasting material such
as red flannel, so you and your dog can wear matching
coats if you choose.

Old-style Standard Issue Navy Peacoat - We like a navy
wool peacoat with cream-colored buttons with Paddington
Bears on them along the back. This is exceptionally
cute for your puppy.

Hooded Doggie Sweatshirt - This is made just like a
human's hoodie except designed for a pooch. They having
charming decals and some even have sports teams
featured on them.

Fashion Coats - These coats are designed for style and
fashion more than for any kind of protection for your
dog. They have multiple different types and most have
some kind of decoration or statement-defining theme.

Crocheted Ponchos and Coats - Most of these are made
from acrylic and are fashionable and warm for your pup
to wear indoors or when the weather is brisk rather
than cold. The knitted ponchos have fringe around the
edges and are machine washable. They have a turtleneck
and an adjustable bellyband to hold the material
against the dog so that they stay warm.

Snow Parkas - The snow parka comes with a detachable
hood and is very warm so that your dog can go out in
the snow with you without getting chilled. Many parkas
have safety reflectors along them so that your dog is
also highly visible. An adjustable bellyband keeps the
parka snug to your dog to keep it warm.

Dog Sweaters - The knitted dog sweater is more of a
fashion statement and looks really good on your dog.
Most of these are machine washable but won't stand up
to much rough play or scratching.

Duffel Coat - The duffel coat is a nautical themed coat
with a hood. It has wooden toggles and white laces
giving it an early English seaman duffel coat
appearance. Put one of these on your dog when you take
it sailing.

Raincoat - This is a waterproof jacket with a hood that
has reflective material to keep your dog highly
visible. It has an adjustable bellyband so when it is
raining cats and dogs you can take your dog out in it
without getting too wet.

Leather Jacket and Vests - These are usually made with
a Harley Davidson theme to them. The jackets and vest
are usually made from imitation leather and are more of
a fashion statement than any kind of real protection
from the elements.

Fleece Coat - These are fleece for keeping your dog
warm on those cold days. They have a Velcro quick-off
closure making it easier to get your dog out of the

Dog Life Jacket - These are floatation devices used to
help keep a dogs head out of water while they are
swimming or to wear while on a boat. These are brightly
colored with safety reflection tape and D rings so that
you can tie a safety line to your dog. They have
adjustable fit and some have chinstraps to let your dog
rest his head on the float.

Keep your dog warm and protected from
the elements with these Cozy Dog Coats

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A dog coat goes over the dog's back and has a strap that goes
around the dog's belly to secure the coat.

A dog coat goes not cover the dog's belly or legs

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