Keep your dog Warm and Protected
with these Cozy Dog Jackets

Dog Jackets

It would be in your best interest and for the comfort
of your dog if you considered getting them a dog jacket
to keep them Warm during those cold wintry days.

If your dog has very short hair and little body fat,
like the greyhound or the short-haired dachshund, if
your dog is tiny like the teacup poodle or Chihuahua,
if your dog is arthritic or old, and if your climate is
anything but tropical, then a Dog Jacket is right for your dog

Far from the commonly held opinion, clothing for dogs
isn't simply frivolous fashion. Many breeds of dogs
don't have the fur or body fat necessary to keep them
warm enough in the climate chosen by their owners, and
many other dogs are unable to take the cold due to
health issues.

A jacket can make the difference between comfortable
and chilled, or even hypothermic, for your dog. This is
especially true if you must walk or work your dog in
cold rain. Cold rain is much more conducive to
hypothermia than even deeply freezing temperatures, as
the rain makes the body lose heat more quickly and
removes the insulating ability of the dog's hair.

Happily, doggie fashion is becoming quite the fad, and
you have thousands of designs and styles to choose from
for your dog. Is your dog a bulldog or other street-
savvy breed; then how about a dog hoodie? You can find
hoodies for dogs in all sizes and colors, with your
favorite team logo or your favorite player's number,
with your dog's name, even with ruffles for your girl
dog. Or how about an NFL Dog Jeresey!

Dog jackets come in styles from camouflage or trench
coats for the working, hunting, or simply macho dogs,
to fur coats with removable hoods for the more urban
canine. Dog jackets can be great fun, but don't forget
that they are a wise and kind addition to your dog's
winter coat.

A dog jacket goes entirely around the dog's midsection
and down the upper part of the dog's front legs.
The dog needs to step into the jacket.

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