Dog Chair Covers and Dog Furniture Covers

Dog-Friendly Furniture Covers

If you are buying new furniture you may want to make
sure that the upholstery is dog friendly, and the Ideal way to do that is with an Attractive Dog Furniture Cover.

But odds are you aren't ready to refurnish your home to
accommodate your canine friend, as much as you love him
or her. What you can do, however, is to buy furniture
covers that can protect your furniture from doggie dirt
and hair and save your dog from being restricted to the
dog crate so much of the time.

With good quality dog furniture covers, you, your
family and your canine best friends can be comfortable
in your home and getting ready for guests will be as
simple as taking off and folding the furniture covers,
without the frantic vacuuming you used to face.

When deep cleaning, just take the dog-friendly
furniture covers off and shake them outside to remove
excess hair and dirt, and then toss them into the
washing machine. These covers are usually made from
stain-resistant, odor repellent, machine washable,
sturdy fabric and are easily cleaned. Keep two sets and
you can always have a clean set of covers to use while
the other set is washed.

If you take your dogs on vacation or to your family's
homes for the holidays, taking along your dog-friendly
covers and blankets will be much appreciated. You can
purchase covers specially designed to cover your
vehicle seats and protect your upholstery there too,
especially valuable in case your dog gets carsick along
the way.

Ultra-suede is a particularly good choice for dog
furniture covers, as it is easy to wash and dry and
looks good straight out of the laundry, and doesn't
pick up odors. Plus, since Ultra-suede is fabric rather
than leather your dog is less likely to chew on it.
Ultra-suede slipcovers and throws look good and last a
long time, and make your home more comfortable for both
you and your dog.

These furniture covers will protect your furniture or car
seats from pet hair and tracking. They are soft enough that
your pet will prefer the cover over the rest of the furniture.

These dog throws and furniture covers will
keep your furniture protected.

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