Take a Look at these Colorful and Cozy Dog Pajamas

It has become a trend to dress your dog but wearing dog
pajamas is more than just a fashion statement, it also keeps
your dog warmer.

Some dogs naturally don't have a lot of hair
and in colder climates where the temperature drops to
freezing you may want your dog of little fur to have a
little more protection from the cold at night.

Wild dogs of course have a natural fur coat that will
protect them from the cold; however some pet dogs are
bred to have little or no hair. These dogs are usually
from warmer climates, like the Chihuahua that is bred
in Mexico where it is hot most of the year round.
Keeping a dog like the Chihuahua in other locations
that get much colder will require that you provide more
protection from cold. This is where dog clothing in
particular comes in, plus dog pajamas for the night.

Dog pajamas are usually made from flame retardant
material and are made from warm materials like flannel
or thick cotton. Often these dog pajamas will have
coordinating robes made of terry or some other fine
material that match the pajamas. Dog pajamas often have
cute prints on them for your enjoyment.

Smaller dogs tend to get chilled more easily because
they have less body mass, and that is why clothing and
dog pajamas at night in particular are important. If
you dog sleeps alone this is especially important. A
dog that gets chilled often will get sick more often
and more easily.

Of course, there are dog pajamas for the bigger dog as
well. Most of these pajamas are specially made for
particular sizes of dogs so you will need to measure
your dog before you buy its pajamas. You measure from
the nape of the dog's neck to the base of its tail.
Also measure around the dog's rib cage and around its
neck to determine the right size and fit for your dog.
If you dog is heavy or is from a breed that has a large
chest then it is wise to order a size larger for the
added girth.

Be sure to take a picture of your doggie in its cool
pajamas and send us a copy.

Keep your dog warm and cozy during the night
with these Colorful Dog Pajamas

Our K-9 Pajamas are the perfect
night time lounge wear for the very pampered pooch.

These Dog Pajamas make Excellent Gifts for any dog!

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