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Health Care, Dog Food and Treats for Chihuahuas
Tippy and Alfred

Chihuahuas may have problems with snoring and wheezing due
to their short noses. They are susceptible to eye problems
because of their prominent eyes, and can eventually get
secondary glaucoma and corneal dryness. They are also
vulnerable to colds, gum problems, rheumatism, slipped
stifle and stress.

Even a very small amount of toxin or poison is deadly to the
Chihuahua. Do not let them lick any products that are toxic,
including chocolate and plant fertilizer. This breed has a
problem with gaining weight rapidly also, so be sure to
ration its food to prevent this. Chihuahuas are vulnerable to
accidents and fractures when puppies.

Birth of puppies must frequently be done Cesarean by a
skilled veterinarian. Puppies may have a molera, which is a
soft spot on the top of the head that closes with age. There
are instances in which this soft spot never closes
throughout the dog's life. This makes them more vulnerable
to injury. This breed is also vulnerable to psychological
problems, epilepsy and seizures.

The Chihuahua dog may be difficult to train but they are quick
to learn and intelligent and respond well to positive
reinforcement training. They may require more patience than
other breeds to housebreak. Many owners simply paper train
their Chihuahua because of difficulty with small breeds
being able to hold their bladder long enough to get outside.

The Chihuahua needs to be socialized well or it may become
aggressive and reserved with strangers. These dogs are very
prone to Small Dog Syndrome. In fact, although they may be
small dogs they are also very dominant and need proper
leadership to prevent bad behaviors from arising.

These dogs often have a problem with being spoiled because
owners believe that because they are so small and cute they
are also fragile. This can make them picky eaters that may
lead to vitamin deficiencies. These dogs are not recommended
in households with small children because they tend to be
aggressive, especially to overactive children.

Be sure to allow your Chihuahua to get enough exercise
throughout the day. Because they are so small they are often
be babied and carried around. This is bad for their health.
They need a daily walk and play time where they are allowed
to be active. Because this breed is so small, be sure not to
step on them!

Picture of Chihuahua

Making your Wonderful Little Chihuahua Happier
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Known for their little size, the Chihuahua can have
long or short coats.

They are wonderful dogs who have no problem being
spoiled, but feeding them "people food" makes them sick.

A quality alternative food, veggies as treats are needed
as they tend to get fat.

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A daily antioxidant treat along with love will keep
them healthy.

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