Attractive but Strong Retractable Dog Leads

The Retractable Dog Leash/Lead

The retractable dog lead or leash is a convenient leash
for a dog that is well controlled and just needs a
little more distance from you to do its business. The
beauty of a retractable dog leash is that you can have
the leash at any length that is comfortable for you or
the dog.

When you want to shorten the leash you simply have your
dog come and sit next to you and the leash will retract
to the length between you and your dog. Then allow the
dog to move away from you the length you want and click
the button to stop the extension of the lead. There is
a mechanism within the retractable dog lead much like
that of a tape measure that rolls up inside when the
dog is close to you.

At the end of the lead there is a metal clip that clips
onto your dog's collar. But these are prone to breakage
if much force is applied to them. A big dog that isn't
well controlled would run to the end of the lead and
the lead may break out of the inside of the mechanism.
Jerking the lead will also result in eventual breakage.
You want to call your dog to you and then set the
length, not jerk the lead in order to get your dog back
at a length you prefer.

You will have to anticipate your dog and its actions in
order to properly control your dog on a retractable
lead. You can't wait to use the braking mechanism
because the dog is already ahead of you on the line.
Even if the retractable leash is marked for a specific
weight of dog, that doesn't mean that the retractable
leash can't break if the dog or you gives it a too
strong yank.

The companies that sell retractable leads say as a
selling point that the dog enjoys the sense of freedom
that accompanies a retractable lead. And they do allow
your dog to have more movement away from you, running
and getting to places it ordinarily wouldn't on a
regular leash.

People have raised concerns over this type of lead. One
such concern is if the dog managed to get away from
whoever was handling it, the heavy handle of the
retractable lead bouncing behind the dog might frighten
the dog, causing it to run faster and farther and maybe
even into traffic.

One other concern is the threat of burn, cut or
amputation should the cord of the lead get wrapped
around a part of the dog or human. Should the cord ever
break at extension, it could snap back, cutting,
burning or injuring the face and upper torso of the dog
walker and possibly even damaging the eyes. Most of
these leash's come with warnings that they are not be
used around infants or children should something like
the fore mentioned occur.

Another important consideration is that a retractable
leash is not a chain or stationary leash for tying your
dog up. These are for walking your dog only and never
ever should your dog be tied up with one of these

There are some lead laws in certain areas that restrict
how long a leash may be, so your retractable leash may
be in violation in those spots. So keep that in mind
when you are buying a retractable lead. If there are
lead laws where you want to walk your dog you should
buy a retractable lead that is no longer that the
length stated by the lead law.

The retractable leashes are heavier than average leads
because of the handle, but they do have the added bonus
of having a comfort grip or webbed belts. Some even
come with a built-in radio and a flashlight. There have
been some recalls of certain retractable leashes and
price does make a difference when it comes to quality
in retractable leads.

Retractable leashes can be bought from your local dog
supply store, pet store or department store as well as
online and they come in multiple styles and colors.
Lengths of the retractable dog leads vary from sixteen
feet to thirty feet or nine meters when fully extended.

Keep your dog from breaking away with
these strong, yet attractive Retractable Dog Leads

These retractable dog leads
make great gifts for any dog lover
or as a special treat for your own dog

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