Dog Safety Vests you can Count On!

Keep your dog safe and easy to spot with these

bright Dog Safety Vests

Why Dog Safety Vests?

You may not have thought about this, but if you take
your dog outdoors, a brightly colored or reflective dog
safety vest could save its life, and possibly yours.

Even when you are simply walking your dog around the
neighborhood, you are likely to need to cross streets,
and a bright safety vest on your dog may attract the
vision of a distracted driver when they wouldn't have
noticed you and your dog.

This is especially true on dark, wet or foggy days, and
after twilight or in the early morning when many people
like to take their dogs along as they walk, jog or run
for exercise. Most breeds of dog have coats of colors
that blend with the colors of the outdoors, and combine
that with poor visibility in general and even a careful
driver might not spot a dog in the crosswalk or road.

If you are one of the many thousands of dog owners who
exercise their dogs by bicycling with them, a safety
vest for your dog is an absolute necessity, since you
and your dog must travel in the roadways in most

In the fields and woods, especially during hunting
season, one of the highly reflective orange safety
vests should be on your dog at all times. No doubt you
are careful to wear the required hunting safety attire
yourself, if you are a hunter, give your dog the same
chance of survival

Dog Safety Vests are perfect for walking,
jogging, hunting and every outdoor activity.

These dog vests make great gifts for any dog lover
or as a special treat for your own dog

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