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Exercising with Your Dog

Getting out and exercising with your dog is not only great
for your health and his; it also is a bonding experience you
and your pooch can share. Exercising with your dog can be
lots of fun and builds your relationship with your furry
best friend.

The best type of exercise you and your dog can do together
will depend on its breed. Obviously if you have a small dog
with short legs such as a Dachshund it isn't going to enjoy
a long run like a bigger dog that really wants and needs to
stretch his legs would. But small dogs usually love to chase
balls or sticks or flying disks, and a good toss and
retrieve play session can be excellent exercise for you

You should always monitor your dog's condition when you are
exercising with it. Make sure it doesn't get overheated or
exhausted and always have fresh clean water on hand for you
both while you are exercising outdoors.

You should always make sure your dog is in good health
before setting out on vigorous exercise with him. You will
want to take him to vet and have him check hearts, lungs,
joints and ligaments. If your dog is overweight this is also
a consideration on how much exertion he can take.

You should start out slow decide which activity you are
going to do. A dog can run, play Frisbee; go on long walks
with you and many other things. Start slowly and work your
way up to longer exercise sessions.

It is best to get on a schedule and a routine. Your dog will
know what to expect and when. You should also make sure your
dog is trained for sitting and staying on command to make
sure he is safe if you are running on sidewalks near

Whatever type of exercise you choose to do with your dog it
will be a fun experience for you both that will bring you
closer together. Just remember, don't overdo it and make
sure you have water available for both of you to stay

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