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The Lion King Movie

The Lion King is a children's movie from Disney. It was
released to movie theaters in 1994. The story focuses on
Simba, a young lion cub that is heir to the Kingship of the
Pride Land. The conflict in the movie is between Simba,
Mufasa (Simba's Father and the rightful and reigning King),
and Scar (Simba's Uncle). Supporting characters are Nala,
Simba's female childhood cub friend, Timon, a Meerkat,
Pumbaa, a Warthog, and Zazuu, a bird and Mufasa's advisor.

Originally the Pride Land was going to be given to Scar when
Mufasa passed on or was no longer able to lead. When Simba
was born he became heir, supplanting Scar for the right to
lead the Pride Land. This event leads to Scar plotting and
uniting with the Hyenas to kill Mufasa and Simba so that
Scar could lead the Pride Land and in return let the Hyenas
into the Pride Land to hunt indiscriminately.

The heavy theme throughout the Lion King movie is the "Circle of
Life," which speaks of the balance of nature that must be
maintained for all to live comfortably and peacefully. Simba
originally wants to be like his father Mufasa and "can't
wait to be king" so that he can do as he pleases. This
childish outlook is challenged by his father Mufasa.

Scar then manufactures a lie to get Simba to a canyon where
hyenas then stampede wildebeests into it in order to kill
Simba. Mufasa learns of what is happening just in time to
save Simba, but Mufasa loses his life in the rescue. Guilt
stricken and grief-torn Simba runs away after Scar's goading
and abandoned his life in the Pride Land.

Timon and Pumbaa rescue the little cub and take him to an
oasis in the desert, where Simba grows up with Timon and
Pumbaa's principal of "Hakuna Matata," which means "No
Worries"...essentially living day to day with no rules,
problems or responsibilities.

Eventually Nala finds her way to the oasis on a hunting
expedition and finds Simba. She tries to convince him to go
back to the Pride Land where Scar and the Hyenas have
practically destroyed the land and the animal population.
After having a vision of his father and getting knocked on
the head by the baboon mystic, the older Simba returns home
and confronts Scar, learning the truth of what happened
behind the death of his father.

Simba defeats Scar and banishes the hyenas and restores the
"Circle of Life." He then mates with Nala to have the baby
daughter that sparks the next "Lion King" movie.

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