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Proud & Majestic

Plush Stuffed Lions

that are fun to have

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These Terrific Plush Stuffed Lions
are truly the King of the beasts when it comes
to the stuffed animal world. Pamper yourself
with our delightful stuffed plush Lions.

These amazing stuffed Lions will make
a perfect gift for anyone in your life you care about.

So Satisfying and Charming you won't
be able to stop playing with them. They will look great
on a child or adult's bed

Stuffed plush Lions
are at the Stuffed Ark banner Here:

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Heavenly Lion & animal Calendars

Lions are called the King of the beasts because of
the majesty and fearlessness.

In the Bible the word, Lion, Lions, lioness,
or lionesses are mentioned 154 times. One of the
most familiar stories with lions in when
Daniel was thrown into the lion's den.

Despite an edict by King Darius, Daniel went
to his room and prayed three times a day to his God.
Daniels detractors told the king and even though
Darius loved Daniel he had to throw him in the
lion's den.

When morning came, Darius rushed to the den and was
overjoyed when he found Daniel unharmed by the
hungry lions. Daniel told him his God sent angels
which held the lion's mouths shut. Darius then
commanded that the men who accused Daniel be
thrown into the lion's den along with their wives
and children and the lions broke their bones to pieces.

Now, Lions live in only the sub Saharan Africa. At
one time they lived as far north as Greece,
through the Middle East and in northern India.
There is an estimated 23,000 lions alive on the
planet today, not including those in zoos or
the circus.

Lions live in a social group called a pride.
The most famous modern day story about lions and
their pride is The Lion King by Disney.

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