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Whales have a thick layer of fat called blubber
which insulates them from the icy cold waters of
the North Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.
Whale calves have not yet developed this layer
of blubber so whales migrate up to thousands of
miles into warmer waters to have their young.
It happens, but rarely do momma whales give birth to
more than one calf.

Baby whales don't "nurse" in the way most young animals
do from their mother. They don't suck the milk, instead
the mother whale "squirts" the milk into the mouth
of the whale calf. Close to weaning time, the
milk starts to become saltier which helps encourage
the young whale to begin eating sea food on it's own.

Mother whales only bear young about every 2 years.
Once born, the young whale gains weight fairly rapidly.

Whales are protected to a good degree after man almost
wiped out the right whales, gray whales and blue
whales, see our stuffed blue whale pages.

In 1946 the International Whaling Commission was
established to control the number of whales taken
from whaling. Right whales are fully protected.

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