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Extraordinary and Marvelous are these
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Plush Stuffed Whales

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Plush Stuffed Blue Whale
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Plush Stuffed Sea Life Whale

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Pamper yourself with these Amusing stuffed Whales
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Exceptional Whale & Animal Calendars

Whales are the largest member of a group of
mammals called cetaceans. Smaller members of
this group include the dolphin and porpoise.
See our stuffed dolphin page for some cool stuff
about dolphins.

Whales are warm blooded and air breathing mammals,
they are not related to fish.

Whales are divided into two groups: those with teeth
and those without teeth. The most members of the
toothed whale family are the dolphins. The two
larger whales that have teeth are the killer or
orca whale and the pilot whales also known as
blackfish and pothead whales, plus there are
the sperm whales, white whales and the bottlenose

In the group of whales with no teeth are the baleen
whales. Members of this group also are different
from the toothed whales as they have two blow holes
instead of one.

There are three families of baleen whales, the right
whales, the fin whales or roquals, and the gray whales,
humpback whales are usually grouped with the fin whales.

The 1852 novel, "Moby Dick" written by Herman Melville
is about a great white whale named Moby Dick. The story
is told by a sailor named Ishmael who is aboard the
whaling vessel Pequod, which is run by the infamous
Captain Ahab.

In the story Ahab is adamant about finding this huge
white whale Moby Dick which in a previous encounter
destroyed his ship and bit off his leg. Moby Dick
is considered to be one of literature's classic stories.
Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab, Richard Basehart as Ishmael,
Leo Genn as Starbuck, Friedrich Ledebur as Queequeg,
and Orson Welles as Father Mapple.

More great info about whales on our whale calendar page,
see below for the link, and on our stuffed blue whale page.

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Plush Orca Whales