Extra Special Yorkshire Terrier Playing and Greeting Cards

You will have so much Fun with these Refreshing
Yorkshire Terrier Greeting and Playing Cards.
They feature such Happy and Pleasurable pictures of
Yorkshire Terriers on each card.

Like to play cards and also adore Yorkshire Terriers?
The these splendid Yorkshire Terrier Playing Cards
are just the ideal thing for you, they make every hand
a pleasure to deal and play with.

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Yorkshire Terrier 12 Pack Greeting Cards

Vast Selection of ....
Yorkshire Terrier Gift Ideas
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featuring Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

In addition to what is shown above there are:

Yorkshire Terrier......
banks, figurines, bumper magnets, photo frames,
Christmas stocking, Christmas ornament, coin purses, caps,
towels, decals, fashion totes, luggage tags
leash hooks, pillows, mouse pads, mugs, puppy bowls,
salt & pepper sets, socks, sticky notes, super magnets,
throws, tote bags, welcome signs,

engagement, wall calendar, address books, calendar hangers,
mini wall, and wallet calendars!

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