American Pit Bull Terrier Calendars you will Adore

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American Pit Bull Terrier Calendars which feature
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These Spectacular American Pit Bull Terrier Calendars
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Make Every Day Special for you or a friend or
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American Pit Bull Terriers Calendars You will Love

Is the American Pit Bull Terrier the Dog for You?

The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred originally for dog
fighting and they can be dog aggressive if not taught
better. These dogs need to be thoroughly socialized so that
any aggressive tendencies can be combated and dealt with
when they are young, especially when it comes to other dogs.
You should teach the dog to respect humans by not allowing
the dog to become aggressive in any fashion towards people,
including training them not to jump up on humans.

This breed needs an owner that knows dog psychology and
understands dogs in order to properly guide and train them.
Author and television instructor Cesar Milan (known as "The
Dog Whisperer") has excellent training techniques for how to
properly treat these dogs and how to train them.

If you train them to respect you and you establish yourself
as the leader of the pack they will follow and obey. You
must be the alpha in the pack otherwise the dog will be
insecure and may become willful and aggressive.

But when properly trained and cared for this dog becomes an
excellent companion dog. Most American Pit Bull Terriers
that are properly socialized will calmly withstand most
anything a child does in play. They do require proper
amounts of exercise and need to be walked every day. With
proper obedience and guidance they become tranquil obedient

American Pit Bulls have gained a bad name because of people
that encourage their aggressive streak in order to make them
fight other dogs or to make them aggressive to strangers.
This behavior is deplorable and abusive towards the dog.
Many dogs that are treated this way can never be
rehabilitated and will always end up dead in one way or

To see a well trained and balanced American Pit Bull
Terrier, go to Cesar Milan's website and look up his pet
American Pit Bulls named Daddy and Junior. This is the
American Pit Bull at its finest.

Aside from despicable humans that would torment dogs for
sport and make them fight each other, this dog is one of the
most loving, protective and intelligent dogs available as a
pet. They have been constantly maligned as being a bad breed
because of disreputable lazy owners. Never should a dog be
trained to aggression or to fight other dogs unless it is to
protect its owner in the direst of emergencies.

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