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The Powerful American Pit Bull Terrier
By: Tippy & Alfred

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog that gives the
impression of being a power house. They have a head like a
brick that is very broad between the cheeks, and has a well
defined, powerfully muscled neck. They have smallish round
eyes that can be any color, a thick, well-sprung deep chest
and very powerful jaws.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is an agile stocky dog that is
very muscular and is very strong for its size. The ears are
usually cropped short so that they stand erect but this is
optional. The tails are usually docked but this isn't
acceptable for the breed in the ADBA or the UKC.

The Pit Bull should have a scissor bite and the coat should
be short, thick and shiny. Any color coat is accepted. The
tail should taper to a point.

These dogs must be socialized properly with other dogs. They
aren't naturally aggressive to humans per se and actually
have a very strong desire to please their owners. They make
excellent pets and according to the APBT they evoke more
human emotional, irrational and rational response than any
other breed of dog in existence.

American Pit Bull Terrier dogs need a strong pack leader
with experience with strong minded dogs. But if well treated
and well trained they are extremely loyal and affectionate.
They are naturally intelligent, loyal, good natured, amusing
and make extremely good companion pets. They are also
excellent around children.

They are easily trained, eager to please and almost always
obedient. They are vital dogs that are extremely courageous
and make excellent guard dogs. Emotionally stable American
Pit Bulls also have an uncanny ability to know when they
need to protect and when everything is okay.

With meek owners the American Pit Bull can become willful.
They need a strong firm authoritative owner that is
consistent. They are very easy to train and eager to please
so obedience training is very easy for them to pick up and
they need little reinforcing of the training. But this breed
is not recommended for most people as most people do not
have experience with strong minded dogs or how to train
them, and an untrained or mistreated Pit Bull can be
dangerous to other dogs and sometimes to humans.

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