Heavenly Silky Terrier
Calendars with Real Class and Style

There's no doubt you will Enjoy Immensely the Colorful
and Bold photographs of Silky Terriers on our Calendars
which daily give you a dose of your favorite breed of dog.

These High Spirited Silky Terrier dog Calendars

are just the Right Item to bring some Sunshine into your life.

Silky Terrier Desk and Wall Calendars

Silky Terriers

The word Terrier comes from Latin "terra" which means earth.
Terrier dogs came to be called Terriers because the dogs
were found to "work the earth" ..... running down holes
and burrows as they went after rodents or other burrowing

There are English Terriers, Irish Terriers, Scottish Terriers,
Welsh Terriers, European Terriers, American and Australian
Terriers, and Terrier mixes.

Early Terriers were bred to be fighters. They refused to
back down from a fight and would often fight each other
to death before giving in.

Like most Terriers, the Silky Terrier requires a high
energy human companion, they are not content to sit
in front of the television and watch Animal Planet all day.
Terriers need to get out and do something with their lives.

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