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West Highland White Terrier Calendars

Cool Stuff about Westies

Small to the ground, Westies were originally bred as ratters
and after wild game that burrowed into the ground. They are
thus a very energetic dog and will need their owner to
actually get them out on the runway so they can burn off
some of their steam, and they really like playing a game
every day as their minds are inquisitive.

But, the biggest requirement a West Highland White Terrier
needs is Love. They are a very affectionate dog.

Westies have gone under different names in the past but in
1909 the American Kennel Club officially announced them to
be the West Highland White Terrier.

Their grooming requirements are high also, brush and comb
a minimum twice a week.

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Fun Newsletter for Pets

Tippy & Turbo dog have given this some serious
consideration and believe that in one of their past
lives they were a West Highland White Terrier.
They have a lot of fun day dreaming and a lot of fun
designing web pages like this one.

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