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West Highland White

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West Highland White Terrier - a Classic Terrier
By: Tippy

The West Highland White Terrier is a game and hardy little
dog. They are easy to train, friendly, robust and spirited.
"Westie" is the nickname the breed has been affectionately
given by its fans. They are friendlier toward strangers than
some other terrier breeds, and most dogs of this breed will
be fine with children. The Westie also travels well and so
is a popular companion dog for frequent travelers.

The Westie is extremely self-assured and playful with other
dogs. They may chase the family cat but if you stop them
from this behavior they will eventually quit. The Westie
loves companionship and makes a very good watchdog despite
its toy size.

The West Highland White Terrier does often have a problem
with barking and digging, which were originally considered
positive traits in the breed. The Westie was originally used
to help control the population of badger, fox, otter, rats
and other vermin and to guard the farmyard.

Be sure to socialize, train and treat your dog properly so
that it doesn't develop "small dog syndrome" and so display
the related wide range of behavioral problems. Owners of
this breed should be calm, confident, consistent and firm.
Rules should be clearly set and followed.

The West Highland White Terrier male dog reaches a height of
ten to twelve inches and weighs between fifteen and twenty-
two pounds. The female dog stands at only nine to eleven
inches and weighs between thirteen and sixteen pounds.
Westies that were well cared for have been known to live
fifteen or more years.

The West Highland White Terrier breed is vulnerable to
chronic hernias, jawbone calcification, Legg-Perthes
disease, liver disease and skin problems. Your breeder
should give you information about your dog's health heritage
and your veterinarian can tell you what to watch out for.

The West Highland White Terrier do fine with people who live
in cities, towns and in the country. They are a very active
indoor dog and do fine with a yard to play in. All dogs,
including Westies, need to have a daily walk in order to
take care of their physical and psychological needs. They
will also enjoy some play time off the lead in a safe,
securely fenced area.

The double coat of this breed is harsh, short-haired and
straight, and is fairly easy to groom. They shed little to
no hair. Brush with a stiff bristle brush and usually this
is all that is needed to keep the coat clean. Bathe only
when necessary. With blunt nose scissors, trim around the
ears and eyes. The whole coat of the Westie should be
trimmed every four months and stripped twice a year. Most
owners take their dog to a professional dog groomer for
their trims and stripping, but some prefer to learn how to
do the job themselves.

West Highland White Terrier Dog

How to Enhance a West Highland White Terrier's Life
Dr. Jane Bicks

The West Highland White Terrier is a package of spunk,
determination, and love, however it's not without
their problems.

To ensure a healthy skin and coat, a high quality
protein and fat diet is essential.

My Selection for a Premium Food for West Highland White Terriers

Along with the high quality food, brewer's yeast
and garlic supplements as treats.

Cooked liver twice weekly will supply additional
B vitamins.

Since they love to play and please you, reward
them with a spirulina or antioxidant treat.

See my recommendation for the Perfect Antioxidant Treat here

They are prone to allergies, so bee pollen should
be added to their food.

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