Dashing Yorkshire Terrier
Calendars full of Swanky Yorkie Dogs

The Yorkshire Terrier breed of dog is
one of the Cutest and Most Loveable dogs out there. Our Adorable
Yorkshire Terrier Calendars will give you so Much Pleasure
every time you look at the Heavenly pictures of Yorkies.

Take a look at our Precious Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Calendars also.

And, we have engagement books, planner books, pillows,
Christmas Ornaments, mouse pads, salt and pepper shakers,
mugs and coffee cups, switch plates, door mats, playing cards,
bobble heads, garden flags, banks, bowls, puzzles, caps,
stickers, figurines treat and cookie jars, ......

along with desk, wall, mini, daily, slim line, wallet, and
daily boxed calendars ......all with Dazzling pictures
of Yorkshire Terriers.

These Yorkshire Terriers Calendars are so Colorful
make Great Gift Ideas with Bright, Crisp photos of Yorkies,
you won't be able to resist getting about a dozen of
them to give out to all your friends as gifts

Order some of these Delightful
Yorkshire Terrier Calendars and You'll be Smiling Every Day

Calendars are the Gift - That Keeps On Giving Every Day.

Yorkshire Terriers: Deluxe Calendars

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Your Satisfaction is our Goal.
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