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Is the American Eskimo the Dog for You?

American Eskimo dogs, like most dogs need a dominant leader
of the pack and need to be a part of their pack. They will
not be happy being chained up outside or kenneled; they want
to be with you at all times. If you are not consistent with
this dog it may become unruly and try to rule your household.

American Eskimo dogs may develop behavioral problems like
separation anxiety, aggressiveness, guarding, willfulness
and obsessive barking if not firmly lead and well trained.

As working dogs, they need mental and physical exercise that
will challenge them without overtiring them. These dogs have
been known to become high strung if they are not properly

It is important that you remain lovingly firm with your dog,
despite its cute fuzzy exterior. It is easy to spoil these
dogs because of their looks, but they need to be trained and
lead properly. Often this dog will develop small dog
syndrome if not properly cared for.

The American Eskimo dog is a breed that is hardy and hail.
But it will need special grooming around the eyes and their
tear ducts will have to be given close attention. This breed
is prone to retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia.

There thick double coat needs to be properly groomed and
cleaned, otherwise parasites will take up residence and
cause the dog misery. And if the dog isn't properly
exercised it most likely will become obese.

The American Eskimo will do fine in the apartment if it is
given enough exercise. It is active indoors and in would
enjoy a small yard to play in. They need to take long daily
walks and this will satisfy their pack walk migration instinct.

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