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Is the American Water Spaniel the Breed for You?

The American Water Spaniel can reach eighteen inches (forty-
six centimeters) in height and weigh between twenty-five to
forty-five pounds (eleven to twenty-one kilograms).

The American Water Spaniel is high strung and like most
working dog breeds can get very hyperactive if not exercised
properly. If they do not get adequate mental and physical
exercise they tend to bark and whine and get overexcited
about everything. They require a lot of exercise and

These dogs are excellent swimmers and love the water. They
can swim in difficult waters and make excellent dogs for
flushing out water game for their masters. But American
Water Spaniels can get carried away with themselves and run
off if not under the owner's verbal control.

This dog does best as a hunting dog to flush waterfowl.
Often they are kept on farms and go out on the hunt with
their masters regularly. If you are looking into getting an
American Water Spaniel be aware that if you do not have the
time or patience to put up with a dog that can be high-
strung you shouldn't get this breed as a pet.

They love attention but can play by themselves just as
easily. American Water Spaniels get along well with other
pets in the household but if you have small pets be sure to
pick a dog that isn't aggressive. They will do well in most
any living situation so long as they do get exercise. At
least long daily walks are necessary.

American Water Spaniels are moderately active indoors. They
do better with a small yard they can roam around in and
play. If you were to play hide the treat your American Water
Spaniel would get loads of enjoyment out of it and it would
sharpen its hunting skills.

This breed have a very oily coat that needs to be brushed
out twice a week. This breed does have a problem with dry
skin if they are bathed too often and should only be bathed
when necessary. They shed lightly and can take on a strong
smell due to the oil they produce.

The American Water Spaniel on average will live between
twelve and fifteen years.

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